Live Progress for AMP and Course Assessments


The Live Progress dashboard provides a view for classroom instructors and lab proctors to see student progress on managed assessments (AMP) and course assessments in real time. Live progress information gives instructors and proctors instant feedback during test sessions to help them determine which students are having connectivity or technical issues, and whether students may need extra time to complete the test.

Enabling the Live Progress dashboard

The Live Progress tab appears for all course assessments and managed assessments that are currently accepting submissions. To learn more about enabling submissions for an assessment, please see this article.

Using the Live Progress dashboard

Once submissions are enabled, the Live Progress option appears to admins viewing the assessment. The Last Updated time refers to when the data on the live progress dashboard was updated in the local time set for your Schoology account. The data displayed in the Live Progress dashboard is not intended to persist after students have made submissions and are no longer interacting with the test.


For each student, admins can see the following information:

  1. Status
  2. Current Item
  3. Progress
  4. Time Spent
  5. Flagged Items

Status describes how the student is interacting, or has interacted, with the assessment. The status is updated as soon as there is a change.

  • Not Started — Indicates the student has not yet opened the assessment.
  • Active — Indicates the student has the assessment open, and the attempt is in progress.
  • Exited — Indicates the student is not currently interacting with the test session, either because the test is open and they are working in another tab or another window or because they have left the test by closing the tab or browser.
  • Submitted — Indicates the student has completed and submitted the assessment.

Current Item describes which page of the test a student is viewing. For example, if a test has five multiple choice questions, and a student is reading or answering the third question, the current item field will display as 3/5. The current item is updated as soon as the student changes items.

Progress is the percentage of questions on an assessment that the student has tried to answer. (Progress is calculated by dividing the number of questions a student has attempted by the total number of questions on the test, and multiplying by 100.) Note that this is a count of how many questions a student has interacted with, but not necessarily a true indicator of how many questions the student has fully answered. This number is updated as soon as the student makes a change.

Time Spent displays how long the student has spent on the assessment. This number is updated every 30 seconds. Times are displayed in Hours:Minutes:Seconds. For example, if the student has spent 3 minutes and 30 seconds, time spent displays as 03:30. If the student has spent 1 hour 3 minutes and 30 seconds, time spent displays as 01:03:30.

Flagged Items displays the number of items on the assessment that the student currently has flagged for review. The number is updated as soon as the student flags or removes a flag on an item.

Note: For AMP users, a Shared Passage with multiple questions is considered one item. Individual questions paired with the passage cannot be flagged individually.

Linked Sections filter


If you have linked sections of your course, the section filter allows you to filter the Live Progress dashboard to view members of each section. If students in multiple linked sections of a course are taking an assessment at the same time, then you can use this filter to switch between linked sections.




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