Schoology Release Notes: January 2017


Login Optimization for iOS and Android Apps

  • We’ve streamlined mobile authentication to include caching of schools and entering of custom domains and subdomains in the iOS and Android apps.
  • This improved login workflow on the mobile apps makes it easier to get to your organization's login page. We’ve also added the ability to type in the URL you typically use to log in (if your organization uses a custom domain or subdomain).
  • Additionally, the app will now remember the last organization you selected, so that it's easier to log back in without having to re-select your organization.
  • Learn more about this workflow here.

View Only Attendance (Enterprise only)

  • We added the ability for administrators to configure attendance to be view-only for Course Admins, which prevents them from modifying attendance.
  • If you are utilizing a third party attendance tool and want to configure Schoology to display attendance data from another system, the improvements here will allow you to ensure that instructors cannot modify attendance information.


Assessment Item Analysis Report Export (AMP only)

  • We added the ability to export item-level data for assessments, including:
    • Students’ scores on each item
    • Students’ responses on multiple choice questions
    • Question and answer text
    • Item statistics, like average score, p-value and point biserial correlation, on each question
  • AMP users can export this data in CSV format.The raw data provided in these reports will help assessment authors, administrators, and instructors measure student performance on each question and identify common distractors.



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