Schoology Release Notes: May 2017


AMP - Reporting on Inactive Sections

  • We added the ability to view Assessment Reports for course sections that are inactive, so AMP users can see reports on assessments taken last year or last semester.
  • This data is available in Overall Results, Mastery Results, and Item Analysis Export.

Student Visibility on AMP Submissions

  • We added a setting to control the ability for students to view their submissions to a managed assessment in AMP.
  • AMP administrators can now allow students to view their submissions (with or without correct answers) on specific managed assessments. This enables students to use AMP formatively by viewing their submissions and using them as a learning tool.


Above, the AMP administrator can allow students to view results in the Assessment Settings. Below, the student sees the option to View a submitted assessment.


Notification Enhancements

  • We made some backend changes to ensure that our notification system will be reliable and efficient as organizations ramp up for the 2017-18 school year.



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