Schoology Release Notes: November 2016


Enhancements to the Assessment Management Platform (AMP)

AMP Item-Level File Export

After students complete a Schoology Managed Assessment, educators can download spreadsheet reports that provide information on student performance broken down by individual questions on the assessment.

Select parameters for the report and then click the Export CSV button to download the reports in .csv format.

Review the Help Center article for more information on the item-level report export.

Set Multiple Correct Answers for Multiple Choice Questions

By checking the Multiple Responses box when creating a Managed Assessment, educators can now add questions with more than one correct answer. You may choose to enable this if your question asks the students to "Choose all that apply," for example.

Read our help article for more information on Multiple Choice questions in the AMP environment.

Converted Questions Placed in Draft Status

Schoology provides the functionality to migrate question banks from Personal or Group Resources to the AMP environment:

Now, converted questions are automatically placed in Draft status upon completion. Assessment Team members with authoring responsibility can edit the question, add a rubric, and/or add a learning objective before adding it to the managed assessment.

Set Availability by Section

Instructors of courses with linked sections can now set the Availability on a Managed Assessment to separate times for each section.

Prevent Students from Losing Work Due to a Poor Internet Connection

If the internet connection becomes too weak to ensure answers will be saved for students taking a Managed Assessment, they will receive a warning message within 15 seconds of losing connectivity. Once the connection is re-established, the student can dismiss the pop-up and resume taking the exam.



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