Setting Up AMP Permissions (Enterprise Plus)


Setting AMP User Permissions 

System Administrators in Enterprise Plus organizations can set up permissions for users to access and manage their Assessment Management Platform (AMP) environment.

AMP permissions are managed from the Manage Users section, which you access from the left menu of your System Admin account.

AMP Access Permissions

To enable users to access the AMP environment, scroll down to the General section and, in the Managed Assessments area, click the box for each role you want to enable in Access managed assessments:


Users with this permission can access the Assessment area from their Resources drop-down menu, and add materials to any assessment team of which they're a member. In the above screenshot, for example, System Admins and Teachers have the permission enabled.

Note: In order to access the Assessment option, users must have the Access Managed Assessment permissions and be a member of an Assessment Team.

AMP Administration Permissions

To enable users to create and add members to assessment teams, as well as to access all assessment teams within your organization, scroll down to the Administration Settings section and click the box for each role you want to enable in Managed Assessments:


In this example, only System Admins in this organization have permission to Administer managed assessments.

You can additionally manage AMP Analytics permissions from this area.

Only Assessment Team Administrators can distribute the assessment to any course section across the district. Other team members can distribute the assessment to course sections within the school(s) with which their account is associated.



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