Schoology Release Notes: August 2016



Use Preferred Name in Schoology

Instructors, Students, and Parents can now choose to display their preferred name if it differs from the official "First Name" option that is automatically used in accounts.

If your organization's System Admin has enabled this permission, you can choose a different name to display wherever your name appears. Users can add and display a Preferred First Name from their Account Settings page, accessed from the dropdown menu next to their name in the upper-right.


Enterprise Plus

Add Schoology Resources Question Banks to AMP

Schoology Assessment Management Platform (AMP) teams can now migrate their existing question banks from Schoology Resources to their AMP environment.

For more information review the instructions and examples in the help center article.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality wasn't working in course materials and quiz questions for some users.
  • Some instructors encountered indefinite page loads when attempting to add essay/short answer questions to a test.
  • Some materials added to linked sections without due dates instead automatically added a due date.
  • Some System Admins were erroneously receiving a Success message for parent association imports even though the import was unsuccessful.
  • Some sections that had been cloned were displaying without a name and the incorrect school association.



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