Can I Enable My Users to Display Their Preferred First Name?


Schoology provides the ability to set up your user accounts so users can choose to display the first name of their choice, in place of or in addition to the first name that is automatically used in their accounts. This may be necessary, for example, for students who are exploring their gender identity and wish to display a different first name across Schoology, wherever their name appears.

Set Preferred First Name Permission

Providing this ability is a setting in the Permissions section of the Manage Users area in your System Administrator account.

The permission is role-based, which means you can provide the access for users on a role-specific basis. For example, giving only instructors in your organization the ability to change their names, or students and parents but not instructors.

User View of Set Preferred Name

After you enable the Set preferred first name permission for your users, they can change how their name displays from their personal Account Settings area, accessible from the down arrow next to their name in the upper-right.

Users can then enter the first name of their choice in the Preferred First Name box, and select whether to:

  • Replace First Name with Preferred Name: Only display the preferred name in all areas of Schoology.
  • Display both First Name and Preferred Name: Display the preferred first name throughout Schoology, but also include the First Name in parentheses.

Users must click Save Changes after setting their preferred first name to update.

When selected, the Preferred First Name displays everywhere the user's name displays in Schoology, including official grade reports.

Including Preferred First Name when Importing Users

You can include user Preferred First Names when adding users via the Schoology Import area

Include Preferred First Name Using Import Users

Add the Preferred First Name column to your import file and enter the preferred name for any users.

In the Preferred Name area of Import Users, select whether to display the preferred name in place of, or in addition to, the user first names.

Select Override existing settings in Schoology to replace the current user setting in Schoology with the selection from the Preferred Name Display area.

Note: In order to use the Override existing settings in Schoology option for the Existing Preferred Name Display setting, you must choose one of the Update existing records options in the Import Users area. 



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