The User Associated with This Email Address Exists but Belongs to a Different Organization

System Admins may encounter this message when attempting to transfer individual basic user accounts into their Enterprise organization from another organization.

In this case, users can merge their individual accounts into your organization's account themselves.

Merging the User Account

If you haven't already created an account for the user, create a new one with username and password.

Have the user log into the account associated with your organization and:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click the Merge Accounts button.
  3. Enter the login credentials of the individual account.
    Note: Merging this account deletes it from Schoology, but users retains access to their courses, groups, and content from the account.
  4. Click Validate Account

After the merge, users can log in using the login credentials for the new organization listed in your account.

Merging Accounts Using Claim Domain

Additionally, you can work with your webmaster or tech team to Claim Domain, an Integration feature available from System Settings>Integration in the left menu of the Home page for System Admin accounts.

You can use this feature to prevent users with your domain from registering for an individual account on Schoology. You can also merge existing accounts through the Import area once you claim your domain.

User Accounts from Different Enterprise Organizations 

If the user you want to add to your organization is already existing in a different Enterprise account, you can not use the above processes to merge the old account into your current one. In this case, you can deactivate their old account and create a new one using their email address, as emails only must be unique across active Enterprise accounts.

Alternatively, if users want to maintain access to their previous accounts, they may also link the two accounts together.

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