Assessment Reports: Evaluating Student Mastery Results


After creating and distributing Managed Assessments, educators can evaluate student results with Assessment reports:

Note: Each report is available for inactive/archived courses and sections in addition to ones currently in session.

Student Mastery Reporting enables educators to view student achievement on any standard or learning objective that has been aligned to an AMP Question Type. This area contains multiple views that allow instructors to evaluate how students are learning and pinpoint students who may need additional attention.

AMP Mastery Reports Area 

To open and review reports for Schoology Managed Assessments, click Tools at the top of Schoology and select Assessment Reports in the drop-down menu. This brings you to a tiled list of your assessments, in alphabetical order from left to right and top to bottom. Click an assessment’s tile to open its Assessment Summary dashboard.


From the dashboard, you can review high-level item- and student-based information about the assessment, and select from the different options to drill into those reports.

Viewing Student Mastery Reports

 To view the student mastery report for the selected assessment, click the View All Objectives button at the bottom of the page to open the Learning Objective Attainment report. 


Depending on your permissions, you may be able to choose from assessments at different levels:

  • Organization—Provides users with the ability to see mastery data for all assessments taken in the organization.
  • School—Provides users with the ability to see data in sections or schools to which they belong for all students who took the assessment.
  • Section—Provides users with the ability to see data in sections they administer for students who took the assessment.
  • AMP team—Provides users with the ability to see data for assessments their team manages.

To search results in any menu, click into the field and begin typing the name of the desired selection. The list automatically filters to display matching results.
For example, to search for a specific assessment, click into the Assessment field and begin typing the assessment name. The list automatically filters to display matching assessments.

The report displays mastery results for the selected assessment.
By default:

  • All students who took the selected assessment display alphabetically by last name in the list on the left of the table.
  • All aligned standards display along the top of the table, left to right in alphanumeric order. 

Sorting and Filtering Student Results

Once you've selected your assessment, you have a variety of options to sort the results table:

  • From the Students menu, sort by student first or last name, from A-Z or Z-A.


  • Each standard in the report may be sorted by student mastery, in ascending or descending order.

    • Ascending: Students with the lowest score on the standard display at the top of the table.
    • Descending: Students with the highest score on the standard display at the top of the table.

Additionally, depending on your permissions, you may have the ability to further filter your results by schools, sections, or instructors from one of the dropdown menus above the report. 

Click into any field and begin typing to filter the list. For example, click into the Schools list and begin typing the name of the school for which you want to view results. The list updates to display matching results.

After making your selections from any list, click Apply to display the selected mastery report. Click Clear Filters to reset the report to display all results for the assessment.

How AMP Mastery Scores Are Calculated

Each cell in the table displays the number of points the student achieved on the standard on a 4-point scale. In addition, each student's score is color-coded.  

Click the View Scale button  in the upper-right to view the Mastery scale.

Mastery scores are based on:

  • The number of questions aligned to the standard in the assessment.
  • The number of points each question is worth.

Scores are then converted to the 4-point scale and rounded to one decimal point.

For example, if one standard is aligned to two questions in an assessment, one worth 1 point and one worth 5 points:

    • A student who achieves 1 point on the first question and 4 points on the second would receive a mastery score of 3.3:
      • 5/6=.83
      • .83 x 4=3.3
    • A student who achieves 0 points on the first question and 3 points on the second would receive a mastery score of 2.0:
      • 3/6=.5
      • .5 x 4=2.0

Exporting Results

Click Export CSV in the upper-right corner to generate a .csv file containing the results data you see in your dashboard. Export the complete data for the assessment, or export the results with the selected filters applied.

Click Confirm to complete the export.

The report includes every student score for each learning objective in the assessment.

Information included in the CSV file:

      • Student Information
        • Username and unique user ID
        • First and last name
      • Assessment Information
        • Name and version of the assessment
        • Submission date
        • Learning objectives in the assessment
      • School, Course, and Section names
      • Section Administrator
      • Assessment Score Information
        • Rational Score
        • Scaled Score

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