Using the Delete Tab: Removing Courses and Sections


From the Delete tab on the Import page, you can automatically:

Note: Schoology is optimized to process imports and exports (auto or manual) most quickly between the hours of 7pm to 6am Eastern Time (ET) from Monday to Sunday. Imports or exports that are run outside of this window will be slower to complete. Schoology strongly recommends performing or scheduling all imports, exports, and bulk deletions during this time frame, including manual imports as well as scheduled auto-imports, for optimal performance.

Deleting Courses and Sections

Removing courses and sections using the Delete tab actually moves them to a Deleted Courses area. They remain in your organization’s account, and you can restore them at any time.

Note: Deleted Courses should not be confused with Archived Courses, which happens when an active (non-deleted) course is associated with a grading period that has passed. Review this article for more information on Archived Courses.

Step 1—Export files

Before importing a CSV file to delete courses or sections, you must first download the file from the Export area. See this article for information on how to export files.

When selecting the fields to include in the export file, you must include either Course NID or Section NID. These identifiers are required in order to delete courses and/or sections:

Type of content to delete

 Field name


 Course NID


 Section NID

  • As sections are a subset of courses, you will need separate files to delete them:
    • Export a file of all courses you would like to delete. 
    • Export a file of all sections you would like to delete.
  • Also be sure to include a field that you can use to identify what you want removed—for example, Course Name and Section Name for courses and sections, respectively.
  • Deleting a course, also deletes all sections of that course.
  • Plan accordingly, you will be importing these files separately in step #3 below.

Step 2—Edit the files

Prepare the export files for import. Only list those courses or sections you would like to delete. If a course or section is deleted by mistake, you can restore them back into the system (see below).

  • Courses: Delete the courses in the exported spreadsheet that you do not want to archive.
    Note: Deleting courses also deletes all sections of those courses. 
  • Sections: Delete the sections in the exported spreadsheet that you do not wish to archive.

Step 3—Import Courses and Sections Files

  1. Click the Attach File button, and then browse to and select the spreadsheet to import.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Match what is displayed under each Schoology Field listed below:
    • Course NID (when deleting courses)
    • Section NID (when deleting sections)

The Preview columns display the values from the first three rows in the respective column from the attached spreadsheet.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Confirm the correct set of courses or sections are displayed in the Deleted area and then click Run.

The courses or sections from the spreadsheet now are in the Deleted Courses area. 

Viewing and Restoring Deleted Courses

  1. Click Courses
  2. Select My Courses to the right.


  3. Click Deleted Courses to view the list of courses.


  4. Check the box next to a course to select it.
  5. Click Restore to move the course back to an active state.


    In the above screenshot, for example, clicking Restore will move English 101: Section 1 back to an active state. As long as it is associated with an active grading period, it will be available from the Courses dropdown menu.



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