Parent Top 5 Issues for Back to School

  1.  How do I log in/get a parent access code for my child?
      1. Go to
      2. Click Sign Up and select Parent. 
      3. Enter your Access Code.
        Note: The Access Code is given to you by one of your child's instructors, and it should look similar to this: xxx-xxx-xxx.
  2. I can’t see my child’s account/How do I add a child?
    • To add children associations to your account:
      1. Click on the downfacing arrow on the top-right corner of the Schoology account.
      2. Select +Add Child and enter the Parent Access Code that your child's teacher gave you.
      3. Click the Help Center question mark icon in the top-right corner to contact your school’s Support Contact/Admin.
  3. I can’t see my child’s grades.
    • Contact your child's Instructor and confirm he or she has set grades to Published.
    • Contact your child’s Course Administrator or Instructor.
  4. I don’t want to receive any more Schoology emails.
  5. How do I delete my account? (changed schools, changed names, child graduated, etc...)
    • To delete your account: Navigate to while logged into the account you'd like to delete.
    • If on reaching this page you don't see the option to delete, that means that your school's permissions are set to only enable Support Contacts to delete user accounts. You can reach a Support Contact for your account by clicking the Help Center question mark icon in the upper-right corner and then clicking the name of your Support Contact/Admin.



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