Instructor Top 5 Issues for Back to School


The top 5 issues that students encounter when jumping back into Schoology: 

  1. I'm unable to log in.
      • Ensure you’re logging in through your school’s custom domain (if applicable).
      • Ensure you’re using the proper Single-Sign-On credentials (if applicable).
        Example: Your school’s email/username and Active Directory password.
      • Use the Forgot your Password link to retrieve a temporary password (if there is one).
      • Test on another computer and browser.
  2. I cannot view course and/or materials.
      • Ensure student is enrolled in the course.
      • Ensure assignments are Visible/Published to students.
      • Ensure student is using the same account as the one in the course’s Members area.
      • Click the Help Center question mark icon in the top-right corner to contact your school’s Support Contact/Admin. It may require enabling the Permission to view upcoming courses.
  3. I receive an unexpected error and/or page does not load.
      • Ensure the issue occurs using another computer and browser, or after refreshing current page.
      • Ensure it occurs on other WiFi networks (outside of school/home). 
  4. My grades/courses/materials have disappeared. 
      • Grades: Go to Bulk Edit in the Gradebook and confirm all assignments have a Category and Grading Period. If needed, assign them to the current category/grading period and Save Changes.
      • Courses: Check if courses were Archived by going to Courses>See All>Archived. Edit the course and assign it to a current grading period to re-activate.
      • Materials: Go to Course Options>Recycle Bin to ensure materials have not been deleted. Restore the item to the course if needed.
  5. How do I change schools? 



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