Instructor Top 5 Issues for Back to School


Here are the top five issues that teachers and their students may encounter when jumping back into Schoology at the start of a new school year: 

I'm unable to log in.

  • Ensure you’re logging in through your school’s custom domain (if applicable).
  • Ensure you’re using the proper Single-Sign-On credentials (if applicable).
  • Use the Forgot your Password link to retrieve a temporary password. Learn more in this article.

I cannot view course and/or materials.

  • Ensure the student is enrolled in the course.
  • Ensure assignments and other materials are published to students.
  • Ensure the student is using the same account as the one in the course’s Members area.
  • Due to permissions at your school, students may not be able to view upcoming courses. Click Support at the bottom of any page in Schoology to contact your school’s Support Contact.

I receive an unexpected error and/or page does not load.

  • Ensure the issue occurs using another computer and browser, or after refreshing current page.
  • Ensure it occurs on other WiFi networks (outside of school/home). 
  • Submit a ticket to Support with this information listed in this article.

My grades/courses/materials have disappeared.

  • Grades: Go to Bulk Edit in the Gradebook and confirm all assignments have a Category and Grading Period. If needed, assign them to the current category/grading period and Save Changes.
  • Courses: Check if courses were Archived by going to Courses > My Courses > Archived. Edit the course and assign it to a current grading period to make it current.
  • Materials: Go to Course Options > Recycle Bin to ensure materials have not been deleted. Restore the item to the course if needed.

How do I change schools?

  • Enterprise users: Contact your school's System Admin/Support Contact for assistance.
  • Basic users: Create a new Instructor account at the new school using a different email address. Save your courses to Resources and export them to your computer. Re-import the resources into your new account.



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