Adopting the Turnitin LTI Tool for Current API Integration Users



Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention tool you can use to check student work for unoriginal content. Beginning January 1st, 2017, the Turnitin API integration in Schoology will no longer be available for new users. If your school has a TurnItIn license, you must configure it as an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) tool rather than installing the app in your school’s Schoology Enterprise account. For this reason, Schoology highly recommends that Organizations using the API integration begin transitioning as soon as possible to the LTI version of the tool. Review the instructions below for information on how to complete this transition.

Note: Schoology will continue to support accounts that installed Turnitin as an API app prior to January 2017.

Uninstall the API Integration

Quick Uninstall

  1. Hover over the Turnitin icon in the menu on the left side of your Home Page or course or group.
  2. Click the X that displays to the right.

Uninstall from App Center

  1. Click App Center in the top menu of your home page.
  2. Find Turnitin in the list of apps. 
  3. Click the Install/Remove button.
  4. Deselect all the Courses (and Home page) in which you have the app installed.
  5. Click Submit in the pop-up window to remove Turnitin.

Install the LTI Integration

  1. In the top menu on your home page, click ToolsSchool Management.
  2. From the School Management page, select Integration.
  3. Select the External Tools tab.
  4. Click +Add External Tool Provider.
  5. Fill out the form with your licensing information.
    • Tool Name: Enter the name as you want it to display to your instructors.
      If you are adding multiple licenses via the External Tools area, label each tool clearly – High School TurnItIn and Middle School TurnItIn, for example,
       or English Department TurnItIn and Polticial Science Department TurnItIn.
    • Consumer Key: Enter your organization's TII consumer key.
    • Shared Secret: Enter your organization's TII shared secret.
    • Privacy: Select Send Name and Email/ Username of user who launches the tool.
    • Configuration Type: Manual.
    • Match by: Select URL.
    • Domain URL: Enter your organization's TII Configuration URL.
      Choose the URL based on your location. 
    • Custom Parameters: Leave this field blank
  1. Click Submit to save your settings.

Review the help center article for more information about using Turnitin as an LTI tool.

Note: Users in your organization who need to access previously created content in Turnitin must do so using the same email address that was used when the account was initially set. If you have plans to change the email format for users in your organization, contact Turnitin directly for assistance.



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