PowerSchool Category Setup: Plugin Configuration


Installing the PowerSchool Plugin

Before beginning category setup, make sure your PowerSchool server is on version 9.1.1 or later. The custom category setup between PowerSchool and Schoology is not supported for earlier versions of PowerSchool.

  1. From the Configuration tab of the PowerSchool application, download the PowerSchool plugin: Version 9.1.1 to 9.2.9, or Version 10 or later.
    Note: Do not unzip the downloaded file. Certain web browsers unzip files by default, so you may need to verify this in your browser settings before downloading the plugin.

  2. Log in to PowerSchool as an admin and navigate to Plugin Management Dashboard.
  3. Click Install to add the updated plugin.
  4. Add the downloaded zip file.
    Note: Do not unzip the downloaded files before installing the plugin. The installation will not work unless the files remain in the .zip file.

  5. Click Install.
  6. Find the plugin from the list and click the enabled checkbox.
  7. A new popup displays asking for permission for the plugin to access certain data tables and columns. This is the information Schoology uses for custom categories.
  8. Click Enable.
  9. Click on the new enabled Schoology SIS Adapter Plugin.
  10. Click Data Provider Configuration.
  11. Temporarily copy the Client ID and Client Secret.
  12. Navigate back to the PowerSchool Admin App in Schoology and paste the ID and Secret into the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields.
  13. Click Save API Credentials to verify the connection to the new plugin.
Note: Supported custom categories are only those associated with the Lead Teacher in the PowerSchool section.



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