Individually Assign Pages 

Instructors can now assign Rich Text Pages to individual students in the same way that they previously could with assignments, quizzes, and discussions. Assigning pages to students is a useful way to provide context and instructions to students based on their particular level and needs.

To assign a page to one or more students, click the Individually Assign icon at the bottom of the Edit Page screen and then add the names of students in the Assign to field to whom you want to assign the page.

For more information on individually assigning materials in Schoology, review the Help Center article.

Folders Remain Open when Materials Are Added

Previously when an Instructor added new content to a folder in a course, the folder would automatically close when the course reloaded. This was inconvenient if the Instructor wanted to add more than one item at a time, or wanted to rearrange the content after adding.

With this release, when content is added to a folder, it stays open automatically when the course reloads. 


Respondus for iOS

Instructors who administer tests on iOS devices can now use the LockDown Browser in Schoology to secure the online exam environment.

To take an exam using Respondus on an iPad or iPhone, students must access Schoology from a mobile browser.

To learn more about using Respondus in Schoology, read the Help Center article.


  • Media content added to assignments, discussions, and pages was not displaying on iOS app for some users.
  • Copied sections were not receiving the grading period from the original section for some users.
  • Discussions with the Enable Grading option selected were not retaining that setting when in a copied section for some users.
  • Resource Imports were not import any content or appearing on the job status page for some users.
  • Videos embedded in a Schoology subdomain were not displaying on mobile devices for some users.
  • The School Analytics Export email link was broken and no CSV spreadsheet was generated and available for download for some users.



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