Taking A Schoology Test Using the Responsus LockDown Browser

Overview of the Student Experience 
To take a Schoology test using the Respondus LockDown Browser, log into Schoology like normal and open the test/quiz from your Schoology course Materials page. Once you open the test in Schoology, you're prompted to launch the Respondus LockDown browser in order to take and submit the test.

LockDown Browser is similar to a standard web browser, but with several features disabled or removed - such as browser menus and the URL field. You can only use the back, forward, stop, and refresh buttons. The content and design of the test/quiz will look very similar to the way in looks in Schoology - only the tools and capabilities available in standard browsers are significantly limited.

Beginning the Test/Quiz
Once your instructor has required the Respondus LockDown browser, you must download the browser to your device before you can begin the test. Tests that require the LockDown browser include a message below the instructions for the test below the Begin Test/Quiz button that reads, LockDown Browser is required to take this test.

To download the LockDown browser, click the link on the test's Instructions page that says Download and Install LockDown Browser. When you open an available test/quiz that requires the Respondus LockDown browser, the instructions page of the test looks like this:

Once you have downloaded and installed the LockDown Browser, you can click Begin Test/Quiz. This launches the test in a new window using the LockDown Browser.

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