Managed Assessments in Courses (AMP)


The Schoology Assessment Management Platform supports the collaborative creation of question-based assessments and the distribution of those assessments to one or more course sections across your district or organization.

Members of Assessment Teams at your school distribute the assessment to course sections, where Course Administrators can then incorporate it into their curriculum and gradebooks. Students take the assessment from their course materials page.

When a member of a Managed Assessment Team at an organization distributes out Managed Assessments, they appear at the bottom of the Course Materials page.

By default, when an assessment is first pushed to a course, it is Unpublished (hidden from students) and submissions are disabled.

Additionally, when you click the gear icon to the right of the assessment and click Edit, you see in the grade options that by default the assessment:

  • Is worth zero points in your course.
  • Does not have a due date.
  • Does not belong to a grading category.
  • Has a factor of one.

Configuring Managed Assessments in Course Sections

As the Course Admin, you determine how this assessment will affect your students’ overall grades in your course via these settings. In this screen, you may optionally:

  • Select a Due Date so that the assessment appears on your students’ Calendars and Upcoming feeds.
  • Enter a Points Value for the assessment to determine how many points the assessment is worth in your gradebook. This can be a different value than the sum of the possible points per question.
  • Assign the assessment to a Grading Category
  • Assign the assessment to a Grading Period to determine which quarter or semester you would like the assessment score to count towards.
    • Or, set the assessment to count as a Midterm or Final
  • Change the factor value to give the assessment a relatively higher or lower weight in its grading category.

Then click Save Changes.

Publish the assessment when you would like it to be visible to students on the Materials page. To publish, click the gear icon to the right of the assessment and select Publish.

Make the assessment available to students when it is time for them to take it. To change the availability, click on the assessment title to open the Manage Assessment tab. Select Available Now from the Availability drop-down menu:

Then, click Save.

Managed Assessments in Linked Sections

If you administer a course with Linked Sections, use the Availability & Dates option to control when students are able to see and access an assessment.

To change this setting in linked sections, click on the gear icon to the right of the assessment title and select Edit:

Click Select Sections to Customize to enter different availability dates for each section.

This controls when students see the assessment on their Materials page and Upcoming sections in your linked sections. Then, click Save Changes.

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