Multiple Choice: AMP Standard Question Type

Create a multiple choice question to assess your students’ ability to select the most correct option(s) from several possible answers.

Question Setup

Write your question in Question Setup, and enter possible answers into each Options field.

Click +Option to add additional choices to the question. Click the x to the right of an option field to remove choices from the question.

Correct Answer Setup & Scoring Options

Select the correct answer in Correct Answer Setup. Check Multiple Responses to enable students to choose more than one option when answering the question. You may choose to enable this if your question asks the students to "Choose all that apply," for example.

Check Shuffle Options to randomize the order in which the options appear to each student while taking the assessment.

Click the + button at the top of the Correct Answer Setup area to enable an additional permutation of choices that are at least partially correct. Click into the percentage field to the right of the additional answer to determine whether the alternate answer is worth partial credit and to set the percentage of possible points students can receive for this answer accordingly.

Click More Settings to customize the layout of the question and to add Author Notes.

Enter Author Notes to explain why certain choices are incorrect, or why you chose to allocate a certain percentage of possible points to alternate answers. Author notes only display to members of your AMP team and those evaluating the results. This information will not display to students.

Align Learning Objectives

Click Learning Objectives to open the Learning Objectives browser window. Click Browse/Search to find and add specific objectives, or click Manage for objectives already aligned to the question.

Once you are finished editing the question, click Save. To see how the question will appear to a student taking it in an assessment, click Preview Question. To exit the preview screen and return to the question editor, click Edit Question.

Once you are finished editing the question, click Save.

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