For System Administrators: AMP Analytics Permissions (Enterprise Plus only)

To control which users at your organization can access the AMP Results panel, and which assessment results they can access, click Manage Users on the left side of your System Admin account, and then click Permissions.

Under Administrative Settings, scroll to the Assessment Analytics subheading.

There are four levels of permissions that control the degree of access your faculty will have to Managed Assessment results. If a role has at least one of these permissions, users in that role will have access to the AMP Results tab on the left side of their home page. The permission you select below determines which Managed Assessments Results a given role is able to access in the Results dashboard.

  • Assessment analytics at course section level–Users with this permission only see results for the submissions made by the students in the courses they administer. If a certain role has only this assessment analytics permission enabled, users in this role will not be able to see the results for students in other sections who took the same assessment.

Course admins with this permission can access the AMP results screen, and additionally see their student’s overall scores on the assessment itself within the course, as well as in the course Gradebook.  AMP results also show in the course Mastery gradebook.

  • Assessment analytics at school level–Users with this permission see results from any assessment taken in the building their account is affiliated with. This means results given in courses in that are affiliated with their building as well as the results for submissions from students whose accounts are affiliated with your building.
  • Assessment analytics at district level–User with this permission see results from all Managed Assessments administered throughout your Enterprise organization.
  • View Assessment Analytics at Managed Assessment team level–Users with this permission who are also members of AMP Teams see the results for students who took any assessment created by their team(s) when they access the AMP results dashboard.
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