Creating Managed Assessments (AMP)


Adding a Schoology Managed Assessment

Once you've established Assessment Teams and created Managed Question Banks, it's time to start creating Managed Assessments!

To create a Managed Assessment in your Assessment Team:

  1. Click Add Resources.
  2. Select Add Managed Assessment.
  3. Give your assessment a title.

Managed Assessment Settings

As a member or admin of an Assessment Team, you can enable the settings on a Managed Assessment that it retains when it is distributed to students across sections in your school. These settings are universal in that they apply to all students who take the test. In order to alter these settings, you must create a new version of the assessment. The new version will automatically update in the sections in which you distributed the previous version.

  • Time Limit: Set a time limit for the assessment. Students who have not finished before the time limit is up have their assessments automatically submitted with the answers they have completed.
  • Attempt Limit: Specify the number of times students can take this assessment.
  • Question Point Value: Hide or display how many points each question is worth for students taking the assessment. This not available in the beta release.
  • Resumable: Allow students to resume an incomplete submission. This is a good option if you are concerned that students may accidentally quit out of their browser or lose internet connection while taking the assessment.
  • Question Review: Automatically enabled for Managed Assessments and cannot be turned off. All students who take an assessment have the option to review the questions and change the answers before submitting.
  • Randomize Order: Enable Randomize Order to ensure that each student sees the questions on the assessment in a different and randomly selected order. 
  • Note that this option is different from Adding Randomized Questions from a question bank (below), which randomly selects a given number of questions from the pool of questions in your associated question bank.
  • View Submissions: Automatically disabled for Managed Assessments. Students cannot view their submissions to assessments.
  • Customizable paging options are not available on Managed Assessments for the beta release, and instead are automatically set to one question per page. This means that text pages and questions display on different pages.



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