Building Resources within Assessment Teams (AMP)


Adding Resources to an Assessment Team

All team members create materials within the Assessment Team area. Within an AMP team, members create Pages, Folders, Rubrics, Question Banks, and Managed Assessments.

To add Resources within your team:


  1. Click Resources  at the top of the page.
  2. Select Assessment from the left menu of the Resources area.
  3. Select a team from the list of Assessment Teams.
  4. Click Add Resources within the team.

Consider adding some organizational structure before you proceed with authoring your assessments. Add a Page to communicate notes, outlines, or internal checklists to the other members of your team about the contents. Add Folders within your team to add organization and structure to your Managed Assessment Resources.

You must create questions within Managed Question Banks, which you then associate to assessments. We recommend start by creating a question bank and adding questions to it. Then, associate the Managed Question Bank to an assessment. Once you have added questions and configured the settings on the assessment, distribute it to students in course sections.


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