Evaluating Student Overall Results

After creating and distributing Managed Assessments, educators can evaluate student results with three AMP reports:

Note: Each report is available for inactive/archived courses and sections in addition to ones currently in session.

Student Mastery Reporting enables instructors to view student achievement on any standard or learning objective that has been aligned to an AMP Question Type. This area contains multiple views that allow instructors to evaluate how students are learning and pinpoint students who may need additional attention.

AMP Reports Area

To view overall student result reports for Schoology Managed Assessments:

  1. Click Assessment Reports on the left side of your home page to access the Managed Assessments Results Dashboard.
    Note: Results take 24 hours to populate in the AMP Results Dashboard after the students make submissions. 
  1. Select an Assessment title from the drop-down menu, and enter the date range for submissions you would like to see. 
    Note: You must select dates that have submissions and results associated with them. If no students made a submission to the selected assessment on a given date, that date cannot be selected as a start date in the date range.
  1. Click Apply to generate results.When you click Apply, you see:
    • The list of students who have taken the selected Managed Assessment.
    • The Overall Score each student received.
    • The building with which each student is affiliated.
    • The section in which the student is enrolled.
  2. Click the arrows in each column to sort the order in which the results appear.

Each student’s score is color-coded. The colors in the left column correspond to the following score ranges:

  • Gray: 0%
  • Red: 1-49%
  • Yellow: 50-74%
  • Green: 75-100%

Filtering Results

Student View

Use the filters to only see all results from a specific building, section, instructor, or within a specific score range.

Note: You cannot currently filter to see the percentage of students who have already taken the assessment. Keep in mind that viewing the AMP Results data - such as the highest and lowest overall or average scores - could be incomplete if not all students have taken the assessment yet.

Aggregate View

Use the View filter to see the Aggregate View of AMP Results data.

Select either Course Section, Instructor, or one of your schools to see the aggregate average Score, total count of submissions, standard deviation, highest score, and lowest score for that selection.

Click the arrows in each column to sort the order in which the results appear:

  • Sort by Name to sort your aggregate information in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • Sort by Average Score to sort the results in the order of highest or lowest average score.
  • Sort by Median Score to sort results in order of lowest to highest median score.
  • The Count column shows how many students have taken the selected assessment.
  • Sort by Standard Deviation to compare how an individual student scored relative to the rest of the cohort taking the assessment, and to understand the dispersion of scores within an assessment.
  • The highest column displays the highest score within each of the selected parameters (course section, instructor, or school).
  • The lowest column displays the lowest score within the each of the selected parameters (course section, instructor, or school).

Use the Filters to further exclude certain results from your Results dashboard. For example, if you select Aggregate View: Course Section, you could then select Filter: Instructor to only see the aggregate results for the scores within a specific section taught by a specific instructor.

You can also use the Filter: 1-100% dropdown menu to narrow your results based on a specific range of scores. Note that using the score filter only sorts by the score in the average column rather than the highest, lowest, or specific scores.

Exporting Results

Export the raw data, or export the results with the selected filters applied. Click Export to generate a .csv file containing the results data.

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