Respondus Lockdown Browser Instructor Guide (Enterprise Only)

Using the Respondus LockDown Browser in Your Schoology Course

Instructors who administer tests on iOS devices can now use the LockDown Browser in Schoology to secure the online exam environment.

To take an exam using Respondus on an iPad or iPhone, students must access Schoology from a mobile browser. The LockDown Browser is not currently available from the Schoology native iOS app.

For Instructors

To create a test/quiz that requires the LDB, first create the test/quiz as usual by using the Add Materials dropdown. Click here to learn more about how to create and use tests/quizzes on Schoology.

Next, require the Respondus LockDown Browser for the test/quiz from the LockDown Browser Dashboard: 

  1. Click the Respondus app on the left side of your Schoology course to open your Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard.
  2. Click the page icon to the left of the test/quiz title and select Modify Settings.
  3. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
  4. (Optional) Click +Advanced Settings to view and configure the additional settings for the LockDown Browser for this test/quiz:
    • Lock students into browser until exam is completed:
      • Check this to prevent intentional or accidental closure of the browser. If a browser is closed during an exam, the exam will have to be reset for the student if only one attempt is available. If multiple attempts are permitted, a student could exit an exam, look up answers, and restart the exam.Check this to require students complete and submit the test for grading before they can quit out of the LockDown Browser application. This is off by default. When set to off, students who leave an exam before submitting it will have to provide a reason for exiting the exam early. This reason can then be viewed by the instructor.
    • Allow students to take this exam with an iPad (using the LockDown Browser app from iTunes):
      • Mobile support for the Respondus LockDown Browser app is available through a web browser on an iOS device. Support for the LockDown Browser via the Schoology native app for iOS is not supported at this time. 
    • Allow specific students to access this exam with screen readers (e.g. JAWS, Window-Eyes):
      • Check this box and enter the names of the students permitted to use screen reader software to take their Schoology tests in the Respondus LockDown Browser.
    • Enable Calculator on the toolbar: 
      • Include a standard or scientific calculator tool students can access from the top toolbar of the LockDown Browser while taking the test.

    • Enable Printing from the toolbar:
      • Check this to enable to Print option from LDB toolbar when a student opens the test
  5. If your school has a Respondus Monitor license and additionally would like to enable and configure the Monitor feature for this test quiz, select Require Respondus Monitor for this exam
    Note: If your school does not have a Monitor license, your instructors will not be able to see and enable the Monitor options in the LockDown Browser Dashboard. Speak to your Respondus representative about your school’s options for using Monitor.

    Drag and drop these items to reorder the sequence in which they occur before the webcam session begins. Click Edit Text to customize the instructional text that accompanies certain steps in the startup sequence.

  6. Alternatively, select the third option under Monitor WebCam Settings: Either Respondus Monitor or a proctored lab can be used to take this exam. By selecting this optional setting below and entering an exam password, the instructor has the ability to let students take the test using only LDB by entering a password, and then the students with the password won’t be recorded with a webcam. This setting is normally used to give students the option of taking the test at home with a webcam or coming into a proctored lab without webcam.

    This optional password feature can also be used in an emergency to allow students in a panic who can’t get their webcam working to bypass using the webcam and just take their exam with the LockDown Browser.

  7. Once you have selected the desired Respondus settings for the test/quiz, click Save and Close.
  8. Don’t forget! Return to your course Materials page and make the test Available to your students by opening the test quiz, clicking the Settings tab, and change Availability to Available Now. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Taking A Schoology Test Using the LockDown Browser
Overview of the Student Experience 
Students taking a Schoology test using the Respondus LockDown Browser log into Schoology and access the test/quiz from their Schoology course Materials page. Once a student opens the test in Schoology, he or she is prompted to launch the Respondus LockDown browser in order to take and submit the test.

LockDown Browser is similar to a standard web browser, but with several features disabled or removed - such as browser menus and the URL field. Only the back, forward, stop and refresh buttons are retained. The content and design of the test/quiz will look very similar to the way in looks if the students were to take it in Schoology - only the tools and capabilities available to them in standard browsers are significantly limited.

Beginning the Test/Quiz
Once the instructor has required the Respondus LockDown browser for a test/quiz on Schoology, students will need to download the browser to their device before they are able to begin the test. Tests that require the LockDown browser include a message below the instructions for the test below the Begin Test/Quiz button that reads, “LockDown Browser is required to take this test.”

Students can click the link on the test’s Instructions page that says Download and Install LockDown Browser to download the browser if they have not done so. This link uses the download URL the admin configured in the Custom Parameters of the app at the system level.

When a student opens an available test/quiz that requires the Respondus LockDown browser, the instructions page of the test looks like this:

Once the student has downloaded and installed the LockDown Browser, he or she can click Begin Test/Quiz. This launches the test in a new window using the LockDown Browser.

Supporting Students
FAQs, Error Messages and Potential Issues

How do we install the LockDown Browser software for all of our students?

  • The Respondus Knowledge Base provides instructions on how to push out the browser to a large set of machines. Additionally the Respondus support team is trained in various types of software used for this purpose and can help admins with this step. 
  • Students also have the option to download the LockDown Browser software directly from the Instructions page of their Schoology test. 

“Some Blacklisted Applications are Running.”

  • If the student has any applications running on his or her device aside from the browser used to login to Schoology, he or she will see a popup window after clicking Begin Test/Quiz that says, “Some Blacklisted Applications are Running,” with details below. The student should click Kill these applications to continue launching the test in the Respondus browser.

Wifi or Network Issues

  • In case of network issues or a power outage and the student cannot connect to the LMS they will most likely receive a browser timeout error during their test. There is not much that can be done at this point, except exit the browser using the “Student Exit” feature and then try to resume their test later when the connection to their LMS has returned.

Webcams and LockDown Monitor

  • There are no known webcams that are incompatible with the LockDown Monitor. If the test requires Respondus Monitor, then it is the responsibility of the student to use a computer that has a working webcam.As a best practice, it may be a good idea for instructors to schedule a practice Monitor test that allows the students to work through any potential technical details in a stress-free environment prior to taking their first test that requires Monitor.

Can I require the Respondus LDB for tests in my linked sections on Schoology?

  • In CSL courses, the Availability of a test/quiz in the Master section determines whether the item will appear in the Respondus app. If it is not published in the master section, it will not appear in your Respondus LDB Dashboard. The Respondus setting for the exam must follow the master section. A workaround is to first make the item available for all sections, enable Respondus, then hide it from the linked sections.
  • All Respondus LDB settings should be configured from the master section. It is not possible to customize LDB settings to specific sections if your sections are linked within a course. As a workaround, you may consider using the Individual Assign feature to make the test accessible to certain members of the course.

Will students be able to see their test submissions after submitting an assessment that requires the LDB?

  • If the instructor sets the View Submissions option in the Settings tab of the test to either Yes or Yes with correct answers, the students will need to launch the LDB in order to view their completed submission. 

What happens if I remove the LDB app from my course:

  • If the app is uninstalled at the course or system level, all LDB requirements will be removed from the test/quizzes in your Schoology courses. 
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