May 2016: LEAP Webinar Recording


Schoology holds LEAP Webinars in the morning and afternoon on the third Thursday of each month. During each 45-minute session with our Enterprise customers, we demonstrate new and upcoming features, hear from guest speakers, and discuss trending topics. Learn more

You are free to share any of these videos within your organization. Some videos are private and cannot be shared on Vimeo, but this page can be shared and all videos may be embedded in Schoology Updates, Pages, and other materials.

For detailed information on all changes see related release notes.


1. Hide Learning Objectives


2. Total Points Option

Related documentation on Total Points


3. Exceptions on a Quiz/Test

Related documentation on Exception Flags


4. BigBlueButton: Enterprise Edition

Schoology now supports BigBlueButton Conferencing Premium Tier hosting. For schools with Premium Tier licenses, check out our Help Article for instructions on how to install and configure the app. For a full list of features in the Premium Tier along with contact information for upgrading, see

Related documentation on BigBlueButton


5. Mobile Offline: Android

Related documentation on Mobile Offline


6. Feature Preview: Improved SIS Sync for Grades (where supported)


7. PowerSchool/PowerTeacher Updates

PowerSchool recently announced their annual update to the PowerSchool platform and are planning on releasing the latest version, PowerSchool 10, to be available to customers for the 2016-2017 school year. If you use the PowerSchool App, please look for an email from Schoology for details about this latest release.


8. Summer Rollover Course for Admins







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