Schoology Release Notes: May 2016


Web: Gradebook Enhancements

Exceptions for Tests and Quizzes

Instructors may now use exceptions for tests and quizzes in the Schoology Gradebook the same as they have for assignments.

Additionally, if you apply an exception to an auto-graded test and then the student completes it, you can overwrite the exception with the auto-generated grade directly from the gradebook.

See the Help Center article for more information.

Total Points Column

Instructors may now display a Total Points column in their Schoology Gradebook if they want to show each student's total points earned for the entire marking period. This is essential for teachers who want to gamify their classroom, for example.

Total Points displays to the right of the calculated grade column:

Review the article in the Help Center for more details.


Mobile Offline Mode

Schoology users can now access course materials from anywhere, anytime on Android devices — even when offline. Android users can download read-only versions of Folders, Assignments, Pages, Files, and Discussions while connected to the internet, and then can view their materials later, even when not connected.

See the Help Center article for more details.

Watch for iOS support for this feature coming in the near future.


Support for BigBlueButton Premium Accounts

Schools that have their own BigBlueButton Premium Tier licenses are now able to utilize the full suite of conferencing features available to them when using the Schoology-BigBlueButton integration; unlimited access to recorded sessions, for example.

For a full list of features in the Premium Tier along with contact information for upgrading, see

Review more details about the Schoology BigBlueButton integration in the Help Center.



  • Some System Admins reported receiving an Out of Memory error message during integration when attempting to connect to LDAP with a large number of groups. 
  • Inserted media files were not appearing on the iOS app for the Assignments, Discussions, and Pages for some users.
  • Mastery results were not displaying for aligned materials in the Mastery Gradebook when some instructors selected learning objectives or the names of students in their courses.
  • Mastery results were not displaying for aligned questions in tests generated using random question banks.
  • When creating a matching question in a test or quiz, the question editor had incorrect styling and formatting for some course admins.
  • Assignments that had already been graded were still displaying as Needs Grading for some course admins.




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