Schoology Release Notes – Q1 Roundup


Review what's been happening in Schoology the first quarter of 2016!

Continue below for updates from the last month of Q1 through the beginning of April.

Web Platform

Updates to Gradebook Exceptions

In addition to Excused and Incomplete, instructors now have the ability to mark assignments in their gradebooks as Missing.

Add a Missing exception in the same way as the other exceptions; simply hover your mouse pointer over the cell in the gradebook and click the flag that displays in the lower-left corner of the cell.

Whereas marking an assignment Excused or Incomplete doesn't factor into a student's grade, marking one as Missing is equivalent to giving the student a zero for that assignment.

Review this Help Center article for more information.

Additionally, instructors who use the Excused exception in their gradebooks can now combine it with Student Completion rules to allow students to skip particular assignments that would otherwise require completion to move ahead in a series. This is a powerful feature that is useful if a student is absent and makes up a required assignment with a different make-up project, for example, or a student is new to class and doesn't need to start at the beginning of a folder with completion rules.


iOS Version 3.10.1

Version 3.10.1 is now available for download from the App Store and includes:

  • General platform upgrades and enhancements
  • Bug fixes & stability improvements


  • Selecting CSV for import into other system for an archived course from the Export area resulted in a blank file.
  • If clear enrollments not in file was selected, Manual and auto-imports of Course Enrollments would fail if the import file contained courses that are not in Schoology.
  • Cross-listing of sections was not working for some users when trying to cross-list via auto-import.
  • For some users who deleted and then restored a course that had been cross-linked, enrolled students were not displaying in the course gradebook or members list.
  • Some users were receiving updates in their recent activity area from public groups which they had not joined.
  • Some users experienced a delay in the course search for courses that had expired grading periods and were changed to a future end date.
  • Users were unable to edit or delete previously saved comments via the assignment submissions area.
  • Some System Admins were unable to manually switch the linked section in which a student was enrolled.
  • Some users received an error after posting a comment on a course update.
  • Some instructors in Enterprise organizations received an "unverified account" error when trying to send a message to students in their courses.



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