March 2016: LEAP Webinar Recording


Schoology holds LEAP Webinars in the morning and afternoon on the third Thursday of each month. During each 45-minute session with our Enterprise customers, we demonstrate new and upcoming features, hear from guest speakers, and discuss trending topics. Learn more



Schoology NEXT 2016 in Miami

Submissions to present close March 23rd. Check out for more details and email with questions.


New Feature: 'Missing' Exception Flags


 For more information, check out this related article: How Do I Use Exceptions?

UPDATE: In this video we mention Missing Codes not being included in SIS Grade Pass-Back Apps (PowerSchool, eSchoolPlus, Skyward). This functionality is now fully supported. "Missing" will be passed back as a zero.


LEAP Lesson: Google Drive Assignment Workflow on iOS


For printable instructions for the workflow shown during this presentation, either click here (for the source document) or download the file at the bottom of this article.

For more information, check-out these related articles: Google Drive related articles

For instructions on how to force student copies, see this blog post from the community which we shared during the webinar: Force students to make a copy 


EXTRA: Just Released, Excusing Students from Completion Rules

As part of a continuing effort to improve the grading experience in Schoology, Excused exception flags in the gradebook will now also excuse a student from associated Student Completion rules, allowing them to bypass the item in a folder. This video was created after March's LEAP Webinar to provide supplemental and up-to-date information.



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