Schoology Release Notes: December 2015



Enhanced Gradebook

A new gradebook is now available for Schoology Instructors.

In addition to a significant update to the user interface, instructors have access to several new features:

  • New grade sorting option: In addition to sorting by due date in ascending order, instructors can now sort in descending order, with the most recent due dates at the beginning of the gradebook.
  • View menu: Use the options in the new View menu to highlight cells in the gradebook that hit the criteria you selected. For example, select Needs Grading to highlight all past-due items that require a grade.

  • Shortcuts to view submissions: Click the icons that display in graded items to open submissions directly from the gradebook.
  • Marking exceptions: The ability to mark an assignment Excused or Incomplete is now available directly from the item's gradebook cell. Hover to display the exception flag, then click and choose the exception:

See the Schoology blog and help center article for more information.


  • Some instructors were unable to view their course gradebooks when the View Archived Courses permission was disabled.

  • The course gradebook for some instructors was not displaying all graded materials for linked sections.

  • The Turnitin app was not accessible for some students in child sections of linked courses.

  • Updates in the Recent Activity area were not appearing for some parents when their Visibility permission was limited to Group/Course.

  • Some users were unable to view updates in a linked course when their privacy settings were made more restrictive.

  • Some instructors received a "minimum sequence must be greater than 1" error message when trying to add ordering questions to assessments.

  • Names of some course members were not displaying as Anonymous in discussions when using the Highlight User feature.



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