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If your school is using the PowerSchool provisioning app to provision users, courses, and enrollments into Schoology, you can use the PowerSchool grade passback app in your Schoology courses to sync grades to your PowerTeacher Gradebook.

This article outlines how to configure and use the PowerSchool Teacher App in your Schoology course to sync your grades and graded items over to your PowerSchool gradebook.

This article addresses the following questions: 

  1. How do teachers configure the app in their Schoology course?
  2. What information is transferred from Schoology to PowerSchool?
  3. What are the limitations to the Schoology/PowerSchool Gradebook integration?


The PowerSchool Teacher App is installed in your Schoology course so that you can sync materials and grades from your Schoology gradebook to your PowerSchool gradebook.

You can use the PowerSchool app in your course to determine which categories in your Schoology gradebook correspond with the categories in your PowerSchool gradebook. You can also use the app to manually sync materials and grades from Schoology to PowerSchool.

How do teachers configure the app?

  1. First, open the PowerSchool app on the left-hand side of your course.
  2. When the app is launched, first open the Configuration tab of the app.
  3. Map your Schoology grading categories to PowerSchool grading categories.
Note: If you are using version 9.1.1 or higher of the Teacher app, you can map custom grading categories to Schoology.

For versions lower than 9.1.1 of the Teacher app, you must map categories to one or more default PowerSchool grading categories: Homework, Quiz, Test, or Project.

Depending on the grading categories in the course, teachers can map more than one Schoology grading category to a single PowerSchool grading category.


Note: PowerSchool limits the length of an assignment title to 50 characters. Check the box to Automatically shorten assignment titles.

If your sections are linked in Schoology, you need to configure the PowerSchool Teacher app in each of the sections. To do this, open the PowerSchool Teacher App from the left menu of the course profile. Once you have configured the first section, click Save, and then click on the Section dropdown menu to toggle into a different section to continue configuration.

Depending on the settings in place for the PowerSchool Teacher app, only Course Admin (teachers) may be able to launch the app from the course. System Admin cannot configure the app or sync graded items on behalf of the teacher.

Important: If you'd like the overall grade in Schoology to match the overall grade in PowerSchool, make sure you configure the PowerSchool Teacher app with:
  • The same number of categories in Schoology as in PowerSchool.
  • The same weighted categories in Schoology as in PowerSchool.
  • The Calculated by setting of grading categories set to Total pts.
  • The factor for all assignments set to 1.
  • For other considerations when matching PowerSchool grades to Schoology grades, you can refer to this Grade Passback Discrepancy Checklist.

What information is transferred from Schoology to PowerSchool?

Once the configuration settings are saved, teachers can view the status of graded items and grades from the Sync Grades area of the app. The column on the left displays the Title of the graded item. The columns in the middle display the time stamp of the last successful sync and the status of the sync.


Status indicators:

  • Successful: This means that the item was successfully synced to the SIS gradebook.
  • Queued: A sync has been initiated and is waiting to process.
  • Error: There was a problem with the sync. Hover over this indicator for specific details.
  • Not yet synced: A sync has not yet been initiated since the item was created in Schoology.

If a graded item or grade has not yet appeared in the PowerSchool Gradebook, you can navigate to this area of the app and click on the Sync icon or on Sync Changes to manually re-send the information to PowerSchool. The following information will be sent to PowerSchool:

  • The name of the graded item.
  • The max number of points for the graded item.
  • The due date for the graded item.
  • The grading category established by the System Admin, or by the teacher in the Configuration area of the app.
  • The raw score a student received on the graded item.

If there has been an error in the sync, a red message icon will appear. Hovering over the icon displays a message that details the error.



Note: If you are using the PowerSchool Teacher App in linked sections and you are planning on manually syncing grade items, you will need to do so from each of the sections' PowerSchool Apps. To do this, click on the Section dropdown menu within the App, and select another section to toggle into the PowerSchool Teacher App for a different linked section.

What are the limitations to the Gradebook integration?

  • The PowerSchool API does not currently enable mapping of grading scales or attendance.
  • If an item is marked Ungraded (not associated with any grading category) in Schoology, the item does not sync with PowerSchool.

Note: Schoology's grade passback to PowerSchool only supports a factor of 1 for each assignment. The SIS calculates assignments with other factors in Schoology, as having a factor of 1. This means that if you are syncing grades to an SIS each assignment should have its factor set to 1 to enable grades to calculate correctly across the SIS and Schoology.



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