How Can I Add a Co-Teacher to My Course?


If you co-teach your class, work with a TA or paraprofessional on a regular basis, or want to give administrative access to a student-teacher, you may consider adding one or more additional course admins to your course.

To do this, the person must first be enrolled as a member of your course and their account must be an instructor or faculty account. If you are an Enterprise user, check with your system admin about the best way to enroll this person into your course. 

Once he or she is enrolled in the course, you can mark them as a Course Admin:

  1. Navigate to the course
  2. Click Members on the left side
  3. Click the gear icon to the right of the person's name
  4. Select Make Admin
  5. Click Confirm

This person will now have a crown icon to the right of his or her name in the Members list, indicating that they now have the ability to administer the course. 



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