Schoology Release Notes: November 2015 Bugfixes


Web Platform


  • Some users were unable to view events added to their School Calendar in the Upcoming feed.
  • Some instructors and students were seeing inconsistent Calendar and Upcoming view information for events added to linked courses.
  • Group events with RSVP option appeared twice in some users’ Personal Calendars.

Course Section Linking

  • For rubric-aligned short answer and essay questions in a section-linked course, some student scores saved in one section were applied to other students in other sections.
  • Some students were appearing as enrolled in two sections of a section-linked course.

Learning Objectives and Mastery

  • Some instructors lost their custom learning objectives when they moved them in their Grade Settings. 
  • Some instructors received incorrect mastery results for their students when using the same learning objective on an assessment aligned via a rubric and directly to a question.


  • Hiding grading period and/or overall grades from student reports was not also hiding grading periods and/or overall grades in the Print Reports screen for some users.
  • Some instructors were unable to access hidden assignments in their gradebooks in linked sections.
  • Some instructors were unable to see the Published Grades pop-up menu in their gradebooks.
  • Exported student gradebooks in the child sections of linked courses did not contain any content for some instructors.
  • The due dates for some student grade reports weren't matching the actual assignment due date.

Parents and Students

  • Some parents were receiving multiple copies of the parent digest.
  • Assignments for some students were not updating “late” or “on time” status after the instructor changed the assignment’s due date.


  • Some users were unable to view test questions in the preview tab in Resources.
  • The link for the Schoology Blog was broken on the Welcome page for some new users.
  • Some users were unable to view their Recent Activity feed.
  • Some users were unable to reply via their personal email to private messages sent from Schoology
  • Some instructors and students were unable to see newly created materials in the Upcoming section on their homepages.



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