Schoology Release Notes: October 2015





Printing Assessments (Enterprise)

Instructors in Enterprise accounts can now print tests that are linked to specific students in their courses. This is a great way to deal with a student who missed a test and has to take it at a later date, for example, or if students are unable to take a test online.

To print a test, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Print Test from the menu.


Each test that you print has its own unique test ID printed in the lower-left corner. When you're ready to grade the test, go to the Results tab, click View by Student and then View Attempts, and enter the ID for that student's test.

Printing Best Practices

  • Don't print double-sided copies, as the answer key is included and will print on the back of pages.
  • If you print multiple versions of the test, don't update the number of copies in the print tool from your browser.
    For example, printing one copy of a test/quiz with three versions prints the test three times, each with a different order of questions and each with its own answer key.

For more information, review the instructions in this help article.

Print Student Mastery Reports (Enterprise)

Instructors who use the Schoology Mastery Gradebook can now generate and download two different CSV spreadsheets that contain mastery information about their students.

Click the gear icon in the top menu and select:

  • Export Summary for an overview of the report, including student name and IDs, scores for learning objectives, and whether the student displayed master of the objective.
  • Export Detail All Students for a more detailed report, which includes each material that is aligned to an objective.

Visit this article in the Schoology Help Center for more information.

Schoology Site Migration

In order to provide a better user experience, the Schoology application was migrated from to The address was reserved for Schoology marketing content.


Course Section Linking

  • In the grades/attendance area, some students were still able to see grading columns that their instructors had set to "invisible."
  • The time for due dates in assignments for some users changed when the assignment was edited.
  • Grade items for some users were inaccessible from the course calendar.
    Some parents who have more than one child in Schoology were unable to toggle between student views.
  • Some instructors who used linked sections lost enrollment data in each section.
  • CSL: Some students were still able to see overall and grading period grades on the iOS app after their teacher had hidden grades.
  • Some students were able to view the master section of a linked course when they were enrolled in a non-master section.
  • Some students were unable to submit assignments via the iOS app to the linked section of a course.
  • Some students in linked sections that weren’t the Master section were unable to view Rubrics their Course Grades area.


  • Some users were unable to save grades for question-level rubrics.
  • Some grades were not accurately recorded for materials aligned to rubrics with decimals.
  • Some students were unable to see the rubric criteria for tests or quizzes.


  • Some users were unable to install the Google Drive resource app.
  • Some users were unable to add to Group Resources from their Materials and Personal Resources.


  • Some users who log in via remote authentication or single sign-on were redirected to the Schoology application login page upon logging out instead of their own custom login page.
  • Some users were unable to view or edit assignments from their Home Calendars after selecting View/Edit Item.
  • Some parents were unable to view their children’s activity in Course updates.


iOS App Version 3.9

Instructors and students who use the Schoology iOS app now have the ability to filter course materials by type. Tap the three horizontal bars on the right side of a course's Materials area and then tap to only view materials of a specific type.

iOS users will also notice their apps load faster, in addition to a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Android App Version 3.3.1

The latest version of the Schoology Android app is available for download in the Google Play and Amazon Kindle stores.

Among the new features available is the ability to access and manage requests and messages in the main left menu:

Additional functionality for Android users includes:

  • Access and manage annotations from the assignment submissions area.
  • View External Tools (LTI) in the Calendar and Upcoming area.



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