Course Materials: Packages and Web Content (Enterprise only)


You may add web content or SCORM packages to your course to integrate content you may have available from another system (SCORM is only available to Enterprise users). Schoology supports versions 1.1 and 1.2 as well as 2004 - version 4.

Adding Packages

To add a package, follow these steps:

  1. Click into a folder in which you'd like to add a package.
  2. Click on the Add Materials dropdown menu and click Add Package.
  3. Select to add a web content package in ZIP file, or add a SCORM package 
  4. Attach the file from the computer or device.
  5. Click Submit to complete.

Note: The .html file in the folder must be named index.html or the system will not identify the content to display as an iframe package.

Package Properties

Click on the gear icon to the right of the package and select Edit Package Properites from the drop down.

Here, you can edit the Title, Attempt Limit and the grading options for the package:

Launch Properties

Click on the gear icon to the right of the item and select Edit Launch Properties from the dropdown. 


  1. Show Navigation Bar - Shows the navigation tools in the SCORM player. This must be enabled in order to enable "Show Progress" and "Enable Flow Navigation"
  2. Show Finish Button - If this enabled, the SCORM player will display the "Return to LMS" button to the student
  3. Show Progress Bar - Shows the student their progress in the SCORM player as they complete the package.
  4. Enable Flow Navigation - Displays Previous/Next buttons in the SCORM player along the top of the iframe when launched.
  5. Enable Choice Navigation - Allows the student to navigate throughout the course by clicking on links in the course structure. If "Show Course Structure" is disabled, this option will have no effect.
  6. Show Title Bar - Shows the title of the SCORM package along the top of the SCORM player when launched. This may be different than the title you entered into the Title field in Schoology. 
  7. Prevent Right Click - Prevent students from right clicking on the SCORM player as they complete the item. This setting can be useful for high-stakes assessments or other situations where you wish to prevent the user from looking at the internal structure of the content or data in the player. Note – this setting only affects the SCORM Player windows (the course structure title bar and navigation bar) and does not affect your content.
  8. Show Course Structure - This element determines if the SCORM Player should make the course structure available to the learner.

For additional information about the SCORM player settings in Schoology, visit the SCORM engine site. 

Grading SCORM Packages

By default, grading is not enabled on SCORM packages.

You can enable grading for all SCORM packages in a course by following these steps:

  1. In your course, click Course Options
  2. Select Edit Info
  3. Select SCORM Settings
  4. Check either Enable SCORM Grading or Enable SCO Grading.

Alternatively, you can enable grading for a specific SCORM package in your course by following these steps:

  1. Click on the gear icon to the right of the SCORM package item in your course
  2. Select Edit Package Properties 
  3. Check either Enable SCORM Grading or Enable SCO Grading
  4. Click Save Changes 

In order for SCORM packages to appear in your gradebook, configure the package grade setup after you have enabled grading.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the gear icon to the right of the SCORM package item in your course
  2. Select Edit Package Properties
  3. Check wither Enable SCORM Grading or Enable SCO Grading
  4. Click on the item name under Package Contents on the left side of this screen
  5. Fill out the grading information on this form
  • Title - Enter a title for the package. This is what your students will see on the Course Materials page.
  • Points Enter the maximum number of points a student can earn for completing this package 
  • Grade Type: Check your SCORM publishing settings to determine the Grade Type you should choose in this screen. You may need to contact the person who initially published the SCORM package in order to find this information.
  • Category - Choose a Grading Category you've created from the dropdown, or choose Create new category
  • Scale - Select a grading scale from the scales you've created in the Grade Setup area of your course
  • Period- select a grading period from the drop down menu

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