July 2015: LEAP Webinar Recording



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Panel Discussion:
Planning your Professional Development

Q1 (Start at 1:28): For instructors new to Schoology, what's the best entry point to ensure happy adoption?

Q2 (Start at 9:20): How do new instructors vs. returning instructors learn Schoology through your PD offerings?

Q3 (Start at 15:13): Do you have new Schoology feature-related goals for returning faculty?

Q4 (Start at 26:22): Do students and/or parents and/or non-teaching staff receive training on Schoology - or do they learn some other way?

Q5 (Start at 31:06): We know there are many topics that have to fit into limited PD time. How does Schoology training fit into the larger curriculum, pedagogy, iPad, Google, Digital Literacy, etc training?

Open Discussion (Start at 36:52)

Moderated by Bradley Kemp and Kelsey Collins.

Panelists include:
Tara Amsterdam, Instructional Coach/Mentor | New Castle, DE
Honey Peralta, Learning Systems Manager, Rex Books | Philippines (4pm, not available in this recording)
Smita Kolhatkar, Education Tech Teacher on Special Assignment | Palo Alto, CA
Chris VanBuskirk, Online Education Director | Lancaster Bible College, PA
Randy Stephen, Instructional Technology Specialist | Broward County, FL
Carl McLendon, Learning Technologies Coordinator | Lake Travis, TX
Keith Sorensen, Technology Coordinator | D211 Chicago, IL



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