Course Materials: Pages

Create a custom Page to add text, images, videos, html, or any combination of these elements to present information to your students. Each page has a Rich Text Editor that allows you to customize font styles, colors, indentations, etc. You can also upload files, embed videos, and customize the html of the page.

Creating Pages

To create a Page:

  1. Click Add Materials.
  2. Select Add Page.

  3. Construct the Page content.
  4. Click Create to complete.

Note: Pages can also be created within course folders, or added to folders after their creation.

Display content inline

By default, students must click into a page to view its content. However, you can choose to display a page inline, so that its contents are expanded and visible from the Materials page or from the folder level, without having to click on the Page.

To display the content in directly within the folder, click on the ABC icon by the Advanced options while creating or editing the page. When the feature is not enabled, the cluetip will read "Display on new page." When the feature is enabled to show content directly within the folder, the cluetip will read "Display inline within folder."


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