How do I Link Accounts?


Why Would I Need to Link Accounts?

Since email addresses must be unique across Schoology, you may have multiple Schoology accounts if:

  • You teach at more than one school.
  • You have multiple roles in your organization, for example:
    • You are both a System Admin and a teacher in your school.
    • You are a teacher, but also have a parent account in your school.
    • You have different levels of permissions for different roles you perform in your organization.
  • You have children at multiple schools that use different Schoology accounts.
  • Your district uses Schoology, and you also are part of another organization that uses Schoology for professional development.
  • You are an instructor in your organization, but you also participate in continuing or higher education courses in a different organization to uses Schoology.

In these cases, you can link your accounts, which enables you to log into one account and then easily toggle into the other account without having to log out and back in again. 

How Do I Link Accounts?

Log in to one of your accounts (if you use one more than the other, log into your primary account). Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name as it appears in the top right corner of Schoology.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Link Accounts.
  4. Enter your credentials for your other account; ie the username or email address and password you use to log into the account you are not currently logged into.
  5. Click Link Account to complete.


Select a Primary email address for linked accounts

A list of your primary account and linked account(s) displays in the Link Account area upon completion.

Note: If you have multiple primary email addresses for these accounts, enable the feature to Select a primary email address. This enables email notifications for each linked account to go to the single primary email address listed in this area.

How Do I Unlink Accounts?

To remove a link with another account:

  1. Click the downfacing arrow in the upper-right of Schoology.
  2. Click Account Settings in the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll near the bottom of the Account Settings page until you see a list of your linked accounts.
  4. Click the x to the right of the account you want to unlink. This removes the link from your primary account.
  5. Click Unlink Account to complete.
Note: You may only remove linked accounts; You may not remove a primary account. Once you unlink an account, you can still log in to each account separately, using their respective login credentials.

Restricting Access to Account Linking

If you are a System Administrator in a school or organization that must restrict account linking access for certain users–for example, if you do not want to allow students to link accounts–you can disable the account linking permission for specific roles from the User Settings section in the Manage Users area.


To restrict access to a subset of an existing role, create a new role and disable the permission only for that role.

Account Linking FAQs

Q: Can I link my accounts across different school buildings or organization?
A: Yes. Accounts do not have to be in the same building or organization to link them together.

Q: Can I toggle among linked accounts from the Schoology mobile app?
At this time, the ability to switch between linked accounts is not supported on the Schoology iOS or Android mobile apps. To switch accounts, you must first log out of one account and then log in to a different one.

Q: I'm a parent; should I link my account with my child's account?
A: No, you do not have to link your account to your child's in order to view their work. Instead, you should be given a Parent Access Code that you can use to associate your account with your child's student account when you sign up.

Q: I'm a parent of more than one student who all have Schoology accounts in different schools; should I link my different parent accounts together?
A: You do not have to link parent accounts together unless your children attend schools that use entirely different Schoology accounts. (Ask one of your children's teachers if you don't know if your kids are in the same account.)
Review these articles for more information:

Q: I'm an instructor; should I link my account with one of my student's accounts?
A: No, it should never be necessary for instructors to link their accounts with any student accounts.

Q: Can multiple people link to the same account, like with a help desk account?
A: Although this is technically possible, Schoology strongly recommends against multiple people linking to the same account.

Q: What is the difference between linking and merging accounts?
A: When you link accounts, you're connecting separate accounts that all have their own information, settings, permissions, courses, etc. When you merge accounts, you are deleting one account and transferring its course and group affiliations into a different account.
Review this article for more information on merging accounts.



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