Schoology Release Notes: April 2015



New Feature: Overdue Notifications

Students and their parents may now receive notifications for an item the student didn't submit by its due date.

Enable overdue notifications from your Notifications menu. Select On in the drop-down menu to receive notifications for overdue materials in all courses, or select Custom and choose the courses for which you want overdue notifications.

Overdue notifications display on the right side of the screen; parents may also elect to receive updates via the Parent Email Digest.

Read this article in the Schoology Help Center for more information on overdue notifications.

Bug Fixes

  • Links that are copied and pasted into an Assignment's Create form were not creating active links.
  • Teachers were not receiving email notifications when their notification settings were set to On.
  • When creating an event on the Schoology Calendar, the Start Date was automatically set to the English instead of the Spanish format in Spanish language accounts, preventing some users from being able to create events.
  • The building codes were no longer visible in the Schools drop-down menu on the Import screen when Use Import File was selected.


Android Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of the Schoology Android app is now available and includes multiple updates:

Enhanced Grading via Point-Based Scales

Point-based scales in rubrics now display in the familiar grid for Android users.

Override Rubric and Course Final Grades

Android users can now change their students' total scores in rubric-graded assignments and course final grades from directly within the Schoology app.

Additional features include:

  • Enhanced Event Detail Access

View all of the details of an event from the Upcoming feed.

  • Support for Viewing Rich Text Updates

Android users can now see bold, italics, underlined, and list formatting that was applied to items from the web application.

  • Multiple other bug fixes and stability improvements.

Find more details on Android v3.1 in the Schoology Blog.


Time and Date Column Added for Successful SIS Syncs

Account administrators now have a date-stamp column for all section, user, and course syncs that displays the date and time of the most recent successful sync.

More Information Available in Sync Logs

Admins now have access to additional information in their sync logs, including:

  • Jobs that were not added to the sync queue due to conflicts with an existing job.
  • How much time it took to execute the job.



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