Grading Student Assignments on the Android Mobile App (Android for Instructors)


Grade student-submitted assignments directly within the Schoology Android app.

To access the grading panel, open an assignment and tap the arrow at the top, then select Grades/Submissions. Choose a student's name from the list to access this or her submission.

How to Enter a Grade

To grade a submission, use the slider to adjust the numerical score, or enter a score using the keyboard on your device.

Using the slider to adjust the grade:


Using the keyboard to manually enter a score:

Grading With a Rubric

To grade a student's submission using a rubric, tap the number for each criteria or write it in the Pts column.


You can tap the i icon in the criteria column to view its full description. For example, tapping i next to the Thesis criterion in this example displays the following:


Comments may also be added and displayed to your student.

  • To add a comment corresponding to a specific criterion on your rubric, tap the icon in the Pts column.
  • To add a comment regarding the entire assignment tap Add an overall comment and begin typing

Note: The rubric must be attached to the assignment from the web browser in order to grade an assignment using a rubric from the mobile app.



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