Create Course Assignments on the Android Mobile App (Instructors)


Use Assignments to enter tasks for students, which they can review, download, and submit directly from within the Schoology mobile app, or in tandem with other resources and applications.

Within your Android mobile app, you can add an assignment from one of two places: within a course or the Recent Activity area.

Note: For devices on Android 11, see this article for a recent update on the Android Camera app.

Creating an Assignment from the Android Mobile App

To create an assignment from a Course:

  1. Tap the navigation icon AND_nav_icon.jpg in the top left corner
  2. Tap Courses and the desired course. 
  3. Tap + in the top right corner and select Assignment.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Title: Name the Assignment.
    • Description: Add a description for the assignment.
    • Due Date: Set a due date to add the assignment to your Calendar.
  1. Tap Show More to add more assignment details:
    • Max Pts: Set the number of points the assignment is worth.
    • Category: Select a category for the assignment; e.g., Homework or Tests and Quizzes.
    • Period: Select a grading period for the assignment; e.g., 2019-2020 Sem. 2
    • Scale: Select a grading scale--e.g., A+/- or Numeric. You can also select a rubric that you've created in the web-based version.
    • Set as midterm/final
    • Enable Submissions

    Note: Grading Periods, Categories, and Rubrics must be created in the web-based version of Schoology before they can be added from the mobile app.

    Optional: You can add an attachment to the assignment to provide additional information to your students. Tap the icon to add the respective attachment types:

    • Tap Photo to access your device’s camera
    • Tap Video to access your device’s camera and microphone
    • Tap File to attach a file saved to your device
    • Tap Resources to attach an item stored in your Schoology Resources.
  2. Tap the Post icon AND_post_icon.jpg in the upper-right corner to save the assignment and assign it to all students in the course.
  3. To cancel your assignment, tap the trash icon in the top left corner or tap Back on your device.


To create an assignment from the Recent Activity area:

  1. From the Recent Activity view in the Home screen, tap + in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Assignment.
  3. Tap Post to... and choose which course you would like to post the assignment.
  4. Fill in the Title and Description and add the Due Date.
    Optional: To attach an item to your assignment, click on the buttons below: Photo/Video/File/Resource.
  5. Tap the Post icon AND_post_icon.jpg in the upper right corner to complete.
  6. To cancel your assignment, tap the trash icon in the top left corner or tap Back on your device. 




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