Schoology Release Notes Q1 2015: Integrations


March 2015

SIS Integration Enhancement: Set a Time for Your SIS Sync

System Administrators can now choose a specific window in which to schedule their daily SIS sync.

You can update your settings from the Configuration tab in your Schoology SIS area; select the Scheduled option, choose Daily in the drop-down menu, and then select the 3-hour window in which you want your sync to occur. Your sync will occur daily in the selected window in your time zone.

February 2015

New Resource Apps: YouTube and Vimeo

Two new options have been added to the list of Resource Apps available in Schoology: YouTube and Vimeo. Users may now add public videos from these popular video hosting sites.

To install resource apps, go to the Apps area of your Resources section (in the top Schoology menu), and then click Install Apps at the bottom of the My Resource Apps list. Available apps are listed in the menu.

Embed Resource App Content in the Rich Text Editor

Schoology users can now embed content from resource apps directly into assignments, discussion, short-answer questions, and many other types of materials directly from the Insert Content menu in the rich text editor toolbar.

Content in any resource app you have installed in your Schoology account may be used—videos from YouTube or Vimeo, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive files, or any other available app.

BigBlueButton Video Conferencing (Enterprise-Only Feature)

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Using the free web-based BigBlueButton video conferencing tool, course and group admins can create, plan, and hold live audio and video conferences with up to 50 participants.

Install BigBlueButton from the Schoology App Center and start planning. A list of upcoming conferences displays in the app, and completed conferences are available for 7 days after they’re done. Visit the blog and the help center for more information.




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