How Do Students and Their Parents Receive Overdue Notifications?

Overdue Submissions Area

The Overdue Submissions area on the right side of the screen shows to course members a list of materials that they did not turn in on time.  It displays for students who have at least one item that they did not submit before the posted due date.  Overdue materials are listed from most- to least-overdue, with the most-overdue item at the top. 

Notifications Settings

To receive email or text notifications for overdue materials, enable the Course Materials Overdue option in the Notifications area. Select On in the dropdown menu to receive notifications for overdue materials in all your courses, or select Custom and choose the courses for which you want overdue notifications.


Students and parents receive only one notification per late material regardless of how long it remains unsubmitted. 

Important Information for Teachers

For graded materials to display in your students’ Overdue Submissions area, all of the following must be true: 

  • Materials are visible to students. Hidden or unpublished materials do not appear in the Overdue Submissions area.
  • You have enabled Submissions for Assignments.

  • You have not locked Submissions for Assignments.

  • You have assigned the course material to a Category.

Course materials must meet these conditions to display in the Overdue Submissions area, to trigger Notification emails, or to be included in the Parent Email Digest

Note: LTI and External Tool materials with due dates will not trigger Overdue Submissions because Schoology does not automatically detect submissions from external tools.

Additional Information

  • Once the student makes a submission, the course material is removed from the Overdue Submissions area.
  • Assignment re-submissions, subsequent quiz attempts, and follow-up discussion posts do not appear in the Overdue Submissions area.
  • When you manually enter a grade in the gradebook for a course material before a student makes a submission (for example, if the student completes an assignment on paper), the material does not display in the Overdue Submission list.
  • Once the marking period ends, course materials associated with that period are removed from Overdue Submissions.

Can I See My Child’s Overdue Coursework?

Parents see a list of all of their child’s overdue assignments, discussions, and quizzes or tests in the same Overdue Submissions area on the right side of the screen.

You may also choose to receive an email each time your child misses a due date by enabling the Overdue Submissions Email feature in your Notifications area, and the Parent Email Digest also includes a list of your child’s overdue materials if your System Admin has enabled that feature.

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