LEAP Webinar Recordings 2015-2018: Monthly Training Video Library


Learn, Educate, Advocate, Participate. Join Schoology Enterprise Leadership from around the world on the 3rd Thursday of every month to get an inside look at our newest features. This series is designed to give Schoology thought-leaders an exclusive preview of new features to help guide use and best-practices.

Invitations to the live webinar series are sent to Enterprise System Administrators, but any Enterprise educator may join.

Note: you must have the "System Administrator" role in Schoology Enterprise and a valid email address associated with this account to receive email invitations. If you are a staff member, you may register using a link below (posted 1-week prior) or view recordings after the sessions.

2018 LEAP Webinar Archive:

May-Special Edition!  In this month's LEAP webinar, Schoology's own Mia Reyes and Michael Indeglio review everything system administrators and instructors need to know to wrap-up one academic year and start the next.  Watch LEAP for May.

April-This month, LEAP joins the Schoology Assessment Bootcamp!  Common assessments can provide valuable data for varied purposes across classrooms, schools, and districts. In this session, you’ll hear how to analyze student results in order to answer the questions you need for continuous improvement throughout your district and how Palo Alto USD has leveraged this practice to identify students at risk earlier.  Watch LEAP for April.

March-In this month's LEAP webinar, we explore how Schoology is being used in innovative ways in many Elementary settings to boost student engagement and provide a channel for easy parent communication. We also share specific examples from the classrooms of guests Teresa Vasquez and Jesse Buetow.  Closing LEAP this month is a primer of Schoology's Elementary Kickstart program.  Watch LEAP for March.

February-In this month's LEAP webinar, Schoology's own Director of Instructional Strategy, Kellie Ady, will speak with Rachel Murat, Schoology Ambassador / Digital Citizenship expert, from Maine-Endwell School District, to discuss their approach to digital citizenship and talk about ways to best prepare students for the digital world.  Watch LEAP for February.

January-This month Michael Indeglio and Sarah Viner are joined by Schoology principal, Dr. Nicholas Indeglio to discuss the importance and challenges related to true authentic learning in our schools. The 21st Century global economy and workforce require crucial skills involving Critical Thinking, Collaborating, Communicating, and Creativity. How can we help the traditional K-12 environment evolve in order for our students to be prepared?  Watch LEAP for January.


2017 LEAP Webinar Archive:

November-This month Sarah Viner, Michael Indeglio and Kellie Ady collaborate with users to discuss creative uses for Schoology Assessments and answer questions from the audience.  Don't forget to share your ideas in the Padlet we used. https://youtu.be/MPR8O6fIdCM

October-Learning and Innovation Manager Gina Hartman is joined by three key members of the Ohio Blended Learning Collaborative to discuss their program, their keys to success, and what we can all learn about collaboration.  https://youtu.be/gBXZ8xwu4mE

September-Sarah Viner and Michael Indeglio discuss the release of the new Schoology Assessments feature and walk through a variety of examples and use case scenarios for the additional question types. https://youtu.be/avOzVIKTPhs

August-Back to School 2017!  The team gathers at the Schoology HQ in New York City for a round-table preview of upcoming Course Assessments and the already released Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Assignment apps.  https://youtu.be/Af7ai8ctzhI

May-Bradley Kemp and Kellie Ady guide us through various LTI integrations, demonstrating how publishers can choose to display their content inside Schoology. We are joined at the end by Jason Varcoe, Instructional Technologist at CSU Global for his thoughts on speaking to vendors about their integrations. https://youtu.be/on94xBhp9bM

April-Dr. Rod Kirby demonstrates a unique solution to staff observation and evaluation. The solution he shares introduces us to organization-level learning objectives, aligned rubrics, and the mastery dashboard. Then we continue the conversation to look at other creative ways to facilitate observation using Schoology course materials and portfolios. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYtkxdI9MrM

March-Gamification rock stars Beth Box and Glen Irvin join Bradley Kemp to share their gamified courses. They start high-level, review the "why" then dive into concrete examples. This is a session perfect for someone curious or just getting started - but includes real techniques for pros. https://youtu.be/wdDPHVaFQaU

February-Join Bradley Kemp and guest panelists, Anne Cameron (Sauk Rapids-Rice, MN) and Angela Lohr (Portland Community College, Non-Schoology OER course designer) as they build a course from scratch! That’s right. This session focused on planning and initial building blocks. Bradley and Anne talk strategy with the guidance of Angela, the original content creator. If you like participating in hands-on course development, this session is for you.

January-At the midpoint of the year, it's a good time to assess where teachers and faculty are with integrating technology into the classroom and curriculum. But what measuring stick will you use? How can or should things look in Schoology at different levels? Here we look at SAMR, TPACK and more to help understand how we can plan and measure technology integration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HawNWTUGHS8

2016 LEAP Webinar Archive:

December-Ever face technology reluctance or resistance from elementary school teachers? In this Community Practices session, we hear from Schoology-enthusiastic teachers and coaches on how they are integrating Schoology into early elementary school classrooms. Specific practices and techniques are shared, from implementation to classroom lessons. https://youtu.be/mQDkfgd5arI

November-Did you think Schoology Discussions are only for... discussions? Think again. Check out this session, singularly focused on re-thinking the Discussion. In addition, this session is designed to re-teach. Each feature within Discussions are introduced with teaching techniques that can be woven into professional development sessions. https://youtu.be/JMqmL1T6iwE

October-All about parents. In this webinar we look at various methods to setup parent accounts, at the system or teacher level, then look at adjusting settings, and end with practical teacher practices. Skip to the end of the webinar for an open-mic segment. Here other enterprise administrators share their stories and best practices for rolling out to parents. https://youtu.be/KpdEiT204gw

 New LEAP webinars are publicly available on Schoology's YouTube Channel within 1 week of airing.

September-"Everything You Wanted to Know about The Gradebook (but didn't know to ask)". In this webinar we focus on common questions instructors ask of their Schoology Support staff. Register to view the recording here.

August-Special public webinar, "Taking Schoology to the NEXT Level", focused on more advanced topics, including quizzes, rubrics, and mastery. Register to view the recording here.

July-A roundup of updates from the summer that will largely be completed for organizations that return to school in the August-September timeframe. Register to view the recording here.

June–Summer Break, not in session.


  • Hide Learning Objectives
  • Total Points Option
  • Exceptions on a Quiz/Test
  • BigBlueButton: Enterprise
  • Mobile Offline: Android
  • Feature Preview: Improved SIS Sync for Grades (where supported)
  • PowerSchool/PowerTeacher Updates
  • Summer Rollover Course for Admins


  • Common Questions with Final Grades
  • Grade Export Options
  • Understanding Archives & Resources


  • Next 2016 Submissions are due
  • New Feature: Missing Exception Flags
  • LEAP Lesson: Google Drive assignment workflow on iOS and Chromebooks


  • Next 2016 Registration is open
  • New Professional Development Course Catalog
  • Tips and Tricks We Love: Videos to share


  • NEXT 2016 in Miami Beach
  • Grading Period Overrides
  • Respondus Locked-Down Browser integration


2015 LEAP Webinar Archive:

March 19th

April 16th

May 21st

June 18th

July 16th

August 20th

September 17th

October 15th

 November 19th

    • Gradebook Redesign walk through
    • Common calculation mistakes heard by Schoology Support
    • Frequently Asked Questions

December 17th




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