Import Schools with a CSV/XLS File (Enterprise)


Import schools into your account from the Schools tab on the Import page.

Note: Schoology is optimized to process imports and exports (auto or manual) most quickly between the hours of 7pm to 6am Eastern Time (ET) from Monday to Sunday. Imports or exports that are run outside of this window will be slower to complete. Schoology strongly recommends performing or scheduling all imports, exports, and bulk deletions during this time frame, including manual imports as well as scheduled auto-imports, for optimal performance.

Step 1–Select File


The XLS or CSV file for import must include the Name column.

The following additional columns may also be included to add further information to the schools you import:

  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State*
  • Country**
  • ZIP Code
  • Phone
  • Website
  • School Code

Click Attach File and browse to the spreadsheet on your computer.

*Use the State column to import U.S. States, or Canadian or Australian provinces. Review the State_province_location_codes spreadsheet for approved codes. State or Province entries in the spreadsheet that do not match approved codes will not import correctly.

**Review the Country_location_codes for approved country codes. Country entries in the spreadsheet that do not match approved codes will not import correctly.

In the Updating section, select:

  • Don't update existing Schools: to create new entries for each School in the spreadsheet.
  • Update existing Schools using School Code: Overwrite the information for a school already in your account with information from the spreadsheet. Match the schools using the School Code column.

 Click Continue to add the Schools in the file to your account.

Step 2 – Match Columns

In the second step of the import process, match the information from a Schoology Field to each column in the spreadsheet to create your Schools.

Step 3—Preview/Confirm

New and updated schools display in the Created Schools and Updated Schools fields, respectively. Any errors that occurred during the import display in the Errors field. Click Status Log If all information appears correct, click Run to complete the import process.

After running the import, click Status Log to monitor the import process, view any messages from the import, or download the original import CSV file.

Step 4—Administering Schools

See this article for additional instructions and guidance on how to administer your multiple schools.



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