Google Drive App: What Is the Difference Between Importing a File and a Link?

The Google Drive app is one of the Resource Apps available in Schoology. Use Resource Apps to integrate third-party content directly into the Resource Center and consolidate all of your personal, shared, public, and external instructional resources in one place.

When you import content into Schoology from your Google Drive account, you can choose from one of three formats:

  • File: Create a copy in Schoology of the Google Drive resource. View the copy of the document directly in Schoology and leave the original Google Drive document unchanged.
  • Link: Import a linked version of the document to Schoology. Edits made in Schoology also change the original version in Google Drive.
    Note: A linked resource may be viewed, edited, and saved by any user who is able to access the document.
  • Private Link: A linked document that only you are able to access.

Importing content as a file ensures that the master content in Google Drive remains unchanged. You may also prefer to have students submit their assignments in this format, as they can't change the work after submitting.

Importing content as a link lets you and anyone who has access to the content edit it in Schoology and automatically update the original file in Google Drive, as well. The content is live, and always reflects the most recent updates made to the document. This can be helpful if you want to collaborate on a document with other teachers and students.

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