Grading Student Assignments on iOS (Instructors)


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Instructors can grade student-submitted assignments directly within the Schoology iOS app using the annotation tools in the mobile grading panel.

To access the submissions panel, open an assignment and tap Submissions. In the example below, the assignment is opened from the course's Upcoming panel:


Filtering Submissions

You can search, sort and filter submissions in the Schoology iOS submissions panel to refine results:

  • Search by student first or last name.
  • Sort the student list alphabetically, from A-Z or Z-A.
  • Filter the student list by status:
    • Ungraded: Students have submitted an assignment, but it hasn't been graded.
    • On Time: Assignment was submitted by the due date.
    • Late: Assignment was submitted after the due date.
    • Not Submitted: Students have not submitted an assignment.


Above, the Submissions view with Search, Sort and Filter options on an iPhone X. Below, the Submissions view with Search, Sort and Filter options on an iPad Pro (landscape view).


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Grading Panel and Annotation Tools

You can annotate student submissions using the annotation tools in the grading panel. Once you find and open the submission you want to grade, tap the Annotations icon  to access the annotation tools.

After adding annotations, you can delete them by tapping the annotation and then tapping the trash icon .

Highlight Text


  1. Tap the Highlight icon .
  2. Choose a color.
  3. Touch and drag on the screen to highlight the selected text.
  4. Tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg in the upper right to save your annotation.

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Strikeout Text


  1. Tap the strikeout icon .
  2. Touch and drag on the screen to cross out the selected text.
  3. Tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg in the upper right to save your annotation.

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Add Note


  1. Tap the note icon .
  2. Tap the screen where you want to add the note.
  3. Use the keyboard to write the message.
  4. Tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg in the upper right to save your annotation.

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Write on Submission


  1. Tap the Pencil icon .
  2. Choose a text color.
  3. Write on the screen with your finger or a stylus.
  4. Tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg in the upper right to save your annotation.

Note: To delete any annotations, tap it, and then tap the Trashcan icon .

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Undo, Redo, Delete and Hide Annotations

  • To undo your most recent annotation, tap the undo icon .
  • To redo the annotation you undid, tap the redo icon .
  • You can undo and redo annotations until you save the updates. After that, you must delete the annotations to remove them.


Above, undo and redo annotations on the iPad Pro (landscape view).

  • To delete annotations, tap the annotation, and then tap the Trashcan icon .


Above, deleting an annotation on the iPad Pro (landscape view).

  • To hide all annotations, tap the hide icon .
  • To show annotations after you've hidden them, tap the same icon  (crossed out when annotations are hidden).


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Exporting Submissions

You can export a submission and open the document in a third-party application on your device.

Once you have finished annotating the submission, tap the Open In icon in the upper right corner.

You will have two export options:

  1. Share Original Document: Exports the original file.
  2. Share Converted PDF: Opens a PDF version of the submission with your annotations intact.


Above, the Export view on an iPhone X. Below, the Export view on an iPad Pro.


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Switching Students


Tap the student's icon above the submission to display the student list. Tap a different student's name to switch to that student's submissions. Search and filter the same way as in the main grading panel.

Tap the green revision box next to the student icon to switch to a different version of the assignment submitted by the same student.

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Grading Assignments from the Grading Panel

Tap the grading icon  to add a grade to the assignments from the grading panel.

Grading with a Grading Scale


If the assignment is graded on a scale, write in the number of the grade or drag the slider to change the number. You may also leave a comment on the assignment, and choose whether to display the comment to the student.

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Grading with a Rubric


If you're grading the assignment with a rubric, tap the number for each criteria or write it in the Pts column. You can tap the info_icon.jpg icon in the criteria column to view its full description. Comments may also be added and displayed to your student.

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Adding Comments and Attachments

You may post comments and attachments to the overall submission for your students to review.

Note: Comments added to the Submission Comments area send a notification to the student and instructor. Notes added to the document itself using the annotation tools in the Grading panel do not send a notification.


To post a comment:

  1. Tap the Submission Comments Comments.jpeg icon.
  2. Tap the + icon.
  3. Type your comment and tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg to complete.
  4. The comment is displayed in Submission Comments panel:

To attach a file to a comment:


  1. From Submission Comments, tap Attach.
  2. Add attachments from Library, Take Photo or Video, Resources, Record Audio, and iOS Apps if you wish.
  3. Tap the Checkmark icon Green_checkmark.jpg to complete.

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