Schoology Quick Reference Cards


Quick Reference Cards are short printable instructions on how to use certain features and accomplish certain tasks within Schoology. You can find links to the available Quick Reference Cards here:

  • Course Materials
    Your materials are the backbone of your course. Schoology gives you the tools you need to build diverse materials designed to engage students on all levels. You can tailor folders, assignments, assessments, and quizzes to fit specific needs within each class.
  • Assignments
    Assignments let you enter tasks for students to review, download, and submit.
  • Course Discussions
    Use Course Discussions to enter topics for your students to discuss, deliberate or debate in an interactive online conversation.
  • Rubrics
    With Rubrics, you can grade assignments and discussions using a standard of performance for your students.  Schoology users can create two different types of rubrics:



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