Review and Submit Assignments on iOS (Students)


When you receive an assignment from a teacher in one of your classes, you can review and submit the assignment from the Schoology app on an iPad or iPhone.

Review an Assignment

Depending on how you have set up your notifications in Schoology, when a new assignment is posted to one of your classes you will receive updates in one or more places:

  • Push notification from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Email.
  • Text Message.
  • Schoology Notifications Panel.
  • The course's Upcoming feed.
  • The course Materials section.

To open and review the assignment, tap it from one of these locations.

Examples: View assignments from your Notifications Panel...

Or from your class's Upcoming feed.

Submit an Assignment

After you've reviewed the assignment, the Schoology iOS app offers several ways to create and turn it in.

To write and turn in an assignment:

  1. Open the assignment and tap Submissions.
  2. Tap the gear icon  in the upper-right corner and then tap:
  • Create Submission to write a text-only response. Tap Save Draft to save a working copy of the assignment, or the check mark ✓ to turn it in.

  • Submit Photo/Video to add a file from your iPhone or iPad's camera roll.

  • Submit from Resources to add a file from your Schoology Resources folder. You can attach files you created in other apps from here as well, including Google Drive, Dropbox, or Windows OneDrive.

  • Record Audio to record a sound file.

Open In

Additionally, you can create the file in another app and submit it using the Open In function . As long as the app has Open In, you can submit directly from it to Schoology.

For example, to submit a file you created...

In the Pages app:

  1. Open the file in Pages that you want to submit.
  2. Tap the Open In icon and then tap Open in Another App.
  3. Choose the format for the file.
    Note: Always choose Word, PDF, or RTF as the format.
  4. Tap Choose App.

Or in Google Drive:

  1. Open the file in Google Drive that you want to submit.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots and then tap Open in.

After you've opened the file in a different app, you can open and submit it in Schoology:

  1. Find Schoology in the Open In list.
  2. Tap Schoology to leave the Pages app and open the file in the Schoology app.
  3. Tap Submit to Assignment, browse to the class and assignment, and then tap Upload.


After your teacher has reviewed your submission and commented on or graded it, you'll receive more notifications in the same spots as when the assignment was posted.



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