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Schoology has developed a Student Information System (SIS) integration platform that enables Schoology to integrate with any SIS that provides a web services API. The integration provides a seamless method for keeping Schoology populated with users, courses, school, and enrollment data. It also provides the ability for Schoology to transfer grade and assignment data into eSchoolPLUS, with the ability to configure grade settings to ensure grade calculations match between both systems. The integration app can be installed to School Admins accounts (for use in provisioning user, course, school, and enrollment data) and also installed into Courses (for use in allowing teachers to sync grades).

eSchoolPLUS version 3.0 or higher is required in order to use the Schoology eSchoolPLUS app to provision your users, courses and enrollments.

The eSchoolPLUS app, when installed for School Admins, will be used to map and customize how the integration will work. This app will need to be set up for Schools/Districts before data syncing can begin.

Click here for a visual representation of the data flow between Schoology and eSchoolPLUS.

Note: Before getting started with the Schoology-eSchoolPLUS integration, you will need to reach out to your eSchoolPLUS rep to receive access to the eSchoolPLUS API. This installation is required and managed by eSchoolPLUS who typically charge an API access fee. 


Admins will first need to obtain their API credentials from eSchoolPLUS before they can begin the setup process. This includes information on eSchoolPLUS Domain, Site Code, Login Name, and Password.

When you launch the Admin App, you will be brought to the configuration area where you can enter your API credentials to connect to eSchoolPLUS, and also to adjust data syncing options between eSchoolPLUS and Schoology.

eSchoolPlus Sync Timing Options

Use eSchoolPlus Sync Timing Options to:

  • Choose whether the sync between eSchoolPlus and Schoology is manual or scheduled.
  • if you select Scheduled,  select Daily as the frequency of the scheduled sync. 

Live Sync Schoology Grades with eSchoolPlus: Sends graded items and grades from Schoology to eSchoolPlus.

  • This feature is a live update from Schoology to eSchoolPlus. Graded items and grades created and/or updated in Schoology will add an update in the eSchoolPlus Gradebook. 
  • Best Practice: As a best practice, we recommend using the manual Sync button at the course level, rather than selecting the Live Sync option here. For questions, contact your Schoology Project Specialist or Account Manager. 


In the Schools tab, you can map eSchoolPLUS Schools to the appropriate Schoology School/Building. This allows you to decide from which schools you want to sync data. 



In the Terms tab, you can map the eSchoolPLUS terms to the appropriate Schoology Grading Periods. If you do not have Grading Periods set up in Schoology, you can use the app to automatically create new ones.

Data Prep

It is highly recommended that you work with your Schoology representative on the data prep process. This step is used to sync eSchoolPLUS data with any existing users, courses, or sections in Schoology to ensure that no duplicates are created upon syncing for the first time.


In the Users tab, you can select from which buildings to sync users. 


In the Courses tab, you can select from which buildings to sync courses. 


In the Sections tab, you can select from which buildings to sync course sections.


In the Logs tab, you will have access to see a log of all of the sync activity that the app performs. This will let you check on the status of the syncs and help you troubleshoot any errors.




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