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With Rubrics, you can grade assignments and discussions using a standard of performance for your students.  Schoology users can create two different types of rubrics: rubrics with custom criteria and rubrics with alignments. Review the steps and recommendations in this document for information and best practices on how to create alignment rubrics and use them in your classroom.



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    Charles Black

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing your question, I apologize for the delay in response.

    Custom Rubrics are course specific so, as you commented above, changes only apply to Rubrics within that course. For example, if you change the criteria of a Rubric that is used on 3 assignments, that criteria will change across assignments. If you copied the Rubric to another course, that copy is not linked to the course you originally copied the Rubric from.

    This article also describes Rubrics that are aligned to standards (Learning Objectives). When those standards are edited, they would impact all Rubrics aligned with those standards, in every course, system-wide.

    Please let us know if this information is helpful or if you have any other questions!

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    Schoology, Inc.

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    Elizabeth Woodman

    Schoology tells me that in Rubrics shared across courses, the changes will propagate to all other uses of that rubric.  They seem NOT to update across courses.   Does it only update to other uses of that rubric WITHIN a course?  Why not across courses?  Perhaps I'm just not following the most logical workflow to accomplish an update?

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