Create Course Assignments (iOS for Instructors)


Use assignments to enter tasks for students, which they can review, download, and submit, directly from within the Schoology mobile app on their iPad or iPhone, or in tandem with other resources and applications.

You can add an assignment from the following areas:

  1. The Home area using the Quick Post tool
  2. Directly within your Course.


Above, creating an assignment directly within a course on an iPad Pro (landscape view). Below, creating an assignment using Quick Post from the Home screen on an iPad Pro (landscape view).




Above, creating an assignment directly within a course on an iPhone X. Below, creating an assignment using Quick Post from the Home screen on an iPhone X.


To create an assignment:

  1. Tap  and then tap Home or Courses.
    If creating from a course, tap one in the list to add the assignment in that course.
  2. Tap + in the upper right corner and tap Add Assignment.
  3. If you create the assignment from the Home screen, tap Post to... and tap one of your courses to add the assignment in that course.
From a Course From Home screen
24_iPhoneX_6.7.0_Create_Assignment_Course_Instructor.jpg 25_iPhoneX_6.7.0_Create_Assignment_Quick_Post_Instructor.jpg

Above, the Create Assignment view from an iPhone X. Below, the Create Assignment in a course view from an iPad Pro (landscape view).


Below, the Create Assignment using Quick Post view from an iPad Pro (landscape view).


4. Add a Title, Due Date, Grading Period, Category, Scale/Rubric, and Max points.

Note: Grading Periods, Categories, Grading Scales, and Rubrics must be created in the web-based version of Schoology before they can be added from the mobile app.

5. Enter the assignment description.
6. Additional options are available in the bottom-left:

Tap For
Student submissions enabled or disabled
Visible to students
Grade Stats
Comments enabled or disabled

7. Add an attachment to the assignment to provide additional information to your students, if needed. Tap Attach, and then tap:

a. Choose from Library to open your photo library.
b. Take Photo or Video to open your device's camera.
c. Attach Resource to attach from your Schoology resources.
d. Record Audio to access your device's microphone and record a sound clip.
e. Select from iOS Apps to access other apps on your device and select files.

Note: Do not post items that won't display on a mobile device – Flash videos, for example.


9. Tap the green checkmark in the upper right corner to finish creating the assignment.





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